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Adelaide Italian Festival to relaunch with food, wine & all things Italian

Expect pasta, wine, and all things Italian in events across the state because Adelaide Italian Festival is coming back after a multi-year hiatus.

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Preparations are in progress for the Adelaide Italian Festival, which plans to re-relaunch their cultural programme filled with food, wine, and all things Italian in 2021. Save the dates for November 12th-21st, and enter a world of Italian cuisine and culture right here in South Australia.

Last year’s exciting relaunch, which came after a three-year hiatus, was cancelled early due to a spike in COVID cases in November 2020. However, this did not deter the passionate committee, who immediately began planning a comeback.

The festival has a rich history, having originated in 1976. Since then, the festival has developed and remodelled into the Adelaide Italian Festival, a refreshed and revamped look into the culture and history of migrant Italians in South Australia. Despite these developments, its main ethos remains the same; The celebration of Italian heritage to inspire the youth and to welcome the wider community.

Over the years, the festival has graced many locations. This year, the Adelaide Italian Festival will showcase various open access events throughout multiple locations in South Australia across the week’s celebrations. So expect cooking classes, Italian car shows, fashion shows, and more for 2021.

The Adelaide Italian Festival welcomes two new board members, Vincent Ciccarello, Managing Director of Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and Benedetta Giovanelli, Consular Officer at the Italian Consulate. They will offer their expertise and insights in creating engaging events this year. For instance, the Italian Consul’s Italian Food Week has incorporated itself within AIF for a fabulously foody week amongst other AIF festivities.

The festival will open with a vibrant East End street party to stimulate the senses, and will close with formal gala.

Visit the Adelaide Italian Festival’s website for more information.

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