Adelaide Jeweller Transforms Your Old Or Broken Jewellery Into A Completely New Piece

Instead of letting your old jewellery collect dust, why not actually do something fun with it?


How many rings do you have that you never wear?

Maybe there’s the one your parents bought you when you turned eighteen that’s no longer to your taste. What about the piece you received from a friend that you had to pretend to like (it’s okay, we won’t tell)? Or the one you bought for yourself on a whim to treat yo’ self.

Instead of letting them sit in that pretty, little ceramic ring holder and collect dust, why not actually do something fun with them?

If only you could magically take all the best features from each of them and merge them into a piece you really like and want to wear all the time — oh, wait. You can.

Let us introduce you to Class A Jewellers, a local jeweller who take your long forgotten and unworn pieces and gives them a new life, like these three tired old rings transformed into one stunning new halo design.

And, honestly, you’ll want to check out their Facebook page for some more amazing transformations.

The remodelling process is pretty straightforward. Simply bring your old jewellery into the store and have a chat to Class A’s designer about creating a new piece (or two) using the existing materials — like gold, diamonds, or coloured stones.

Class A can also create 3D images for you to see what your finished product would look like before going ahead with the manufacture.

The whole process takes approximately four to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the piece(s), but it’s sure to be worth the wait to see your revamped jewellery at the end.

If you’re interested in getting any of your jewellery remodelled, Class A Jewellers are offering 15% for Glam Adelaide readers who mention this article! The discount expires on 31st August 2019, so get in on it as soon as you can.

You can find Class A Jewellers at 40 North East Road, Walkerville SA 5081. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for ring inspo (and maybe a little envy).

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