Adelaide Legend Fosters Her 100th Retired Greyhound

This August Jennie will be fostering her 100th retired greyhound Smokey, through the Greyhound Adoption Program.


It is foster carers such as Jennie Alcorn who make the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP)SA so successful.

This August Jennie will be fostering her 100th retired greyhound Smokey, through the Greyhound Adoption Program. Fostering involves bringing a recently retired greyhound into your home for an average of six weeks before they are adopted to their forever home.

Over 10 years ago Jennie and her husband were introduced to the breed by a friend who trained greyhounds. With that a new passion for the Greyhound Adoption Program began.

Jennie and her husband first fostered a greyhound to learn more about the breed before committing to adopting -and the rest is history; with Jennie having fostered 99 greyhounds since 2006.

“I quickly fell in love with the greyhound breed. I really enjoy caring for these beautiful animals and preparing them for their adoptive homes through the program.” Jennie explained.

“Each of my foster greyhounds has a unique personality, what is common though is their gentle, placid and affectionate nature.”

On fostering Jennie has the following advice: “You do not require any training or qualifications to foster a greyhound, all you need is some patience and a lot of love!”

“Fostering is great! It is incredibly rewarding, lots of fun and you have the pleasure of the company of these wonderful dogs at no cost at all. The Greyhound Adoption Program provides everything you need including food, bed, collar, lead, any veterinary care and even a weekly reimbursement.

The Greyhound Adoption Program team are very supportive. The team makes the whole experience very easy and are always available for any questions or assistance you require. I would recommend fostering to anyone.” Jenny explains.

“Jennie has an amazing commitment to the program.” Greyhound Adoption Program Manager, Kat Orosz explains. “Her experience and knowledge are invaluable; she is a true inspiration in every sense of the word.”

Jennie’s first foster greyhound, Twiggy, still holds a special place in her heart. Jennie describes Twiggy as, “beautiful and such a delight, she sold us on the greyhound breed. I cannot start to contemplate life without fostering greyhounds now. It is not just the greyhounds though; I love being associated with a racing industry that is as highly oriented to the welfare of the greyhounds as Greyhound Racing SA is.”

“I thoroughly enjoy working with all the staff of the Greyhound Adoption Program who are all so committed to the welfare of the greyhounds. I absolutely love seeing the joy on the families’ faces when they adopt one of my foster greyhounds, the time and effort I have put into that greyhound is my gift to them and that is a wonderful feeling!” Jennie concludes.

For every greyhound that’s fostered and that passes their green collar assessment, Operation Flinders receive a $1000 donation. Operation Flinders is a program that takes at risk youth to the Flinders Ranges and out of their environment to help rebuild their confidence and people skills through positive experience and achievement. Head to their website at

To adopt or foster a greyhound, head to Greyhound Adoption Program SA’s website at

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