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Adelaide Legit Now Has Mermaid Classes

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to be a mermaid, swim with a tail, and have a photoshoot to commemorate it, this class is for you.


I once won a trip to Los Angeles because I was so obsessed with the movie Splash growing up, that when I was at a corporate quiz night and was hit with a tie-breaker question about who the main actors were in the film, I nailed it and ended up spending New Years in the US. Thanks Daryl Hannah. Fast forward to today, and my love for mermaids is now being passed along to my daughters.

Our household has seen Ariel a thousand times. And thanks to me, it’s also seen Aquaman a decent number of times too. Mums will understand. And then there’s my favourite line from Zoolander. Mermannnnnnn.

Now Adelaide mer-hopefuls have the chance to learn just what it takes to become a mermaid or merman.

The new Mertopia Aqua Academy literally teaches classes in how to be a mermaid.

Available to swimmers 10 years and older, who are at Swimming Level 6 Swim & Survive, you will learn how to safely master the art of using a monofin and tail, before taking a dip.

With a strong focus on safety, this course has taken on board all the recommendations of the Surf Life Saving Society of WA (where similar courses are now being held) to ensure participants learn things like how to correctly use both fin and tail being getting into the water, and learning how to remove it quickly. You’ll also learn how to swim in it, and how to have fun in it!

The hour and a half experience packages are available Friday to Sunday and cost $65pp.

The total mermaid experience includes:

* Tail Rental

* Personal Safety and Tail Care

* Basic Mermaid Movements

* Imaginative Play

* Photoshoot

* Certificate

Don’t flounder on this opportunity! To book in your experience head to the Mertopia Aqua Academy’s Facebook page.

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