Your Guide To Adelaide Microbreweries To Froth Over!

Your Guide To Adelaide & SA Microbreweries & Craft Breweries To Froth Over!

Ahh beer, the drink of choice of the Irish, English, and Australians. Thankfully for us aside from VB and Westies, we have a major amount of delicious of microbrews here in Adelaide.


Ahh beer, the drink of choice of the Irish, English, and Australians. Thankfully for us, years and years of beer drinking have honed our skills in making this delicious beverage, and now, aside from VB and Westies, we have a major amount of microbrews here in Adelaide. There are so many hidden gems around Adelaide that every beer lover must check out.

So if you are a connoisseur of beer, then this is your ultimate guide to the microbreweries around Adelaide!

Barossa Valley Brewing, Barossa Valley

Originally founded in the United States, this brewery opened in 1990. Barossa Valley Brewing specialises in their specially hand-crafted beer. This is especially popular for the pale ale lovers out there.

Big Shed Brewing Concern, Royal Park

Founded by Craig and Jason in the Barossa, this business started in the back of Jason’s shed, leading to the name ‘Big Shed Brewing Concern’. This business grew into a microbrewery which offers a wide variety of hand-crafted beer and food. Their own creations include ‘Kol Schisel’, ‘F Yeah’, ‘Californicator’, ‘Frankenbrown’, ‘Golden Stout Time’, ‘Jetty Jumper’ and the seasonal beer of the moment, ‘Cherry Popper’.

Birbeck Brewing, Adelaide

Birbeck Brewing is a relatively new microbrewery in Adelaide, first opening in 2002. This brewery prides themselves on taking the concept of a traditional beer and hand-crafting it to suit the Australian culture and climate. Their beers are designed for easy drinking and include a wide variety of ales and their interpretation of IPA’s.

Brewboys, Croydon Park

Brewboys in Croydon Park is all about tradition and fresh, hand-crafted beer. With generations of improvement, this independent microbrewery does not believe in ‘shelf life’, as they believe that flavour is reflected by freshness. By crafting their beers in proven principles, you can be sure to get a quality, fresh beer at this establishment.

Fox Hat Brewing Co, Willunga

A subsidiary of Vale Beer Company, Fox Hat Brewing Co. was founded in 2015. This is a fun, quirky microbrewery for the younger ones. Among their brand, there is the ‘Lusty Lager’, ‘Phat Mongrel’, ‘Metric IPA’, ‘Red Pelt’ and ‘Full Mongrel’. So if you want to get ‘loose’, join these guys.

Goodieson Brewery, McLaren Vale

Goodieson Brewery is the place to be if you want to enjoy a day out in McLaren Vale. Jeff and Mary used their experience from their travels in Austria and Germany to cultivate the perfect hand-crafted beers in McLaren Vale. Out of all of the beers they have created, the most popular include ‘Christmas Ale’, ‘Pale Ale’, ‘Wheat Beer’, ‘Pilsner’, ‘Barrel Aged Christmas Ale 2017’ and ‘Indian Red Ale’ to name a few.

Greenock Brewers, Barossa Valley

Greenock Brewers provides quality lager and pale while leaving out nasty additives and preservatives. Located in a century-old wheat store in Greenock, there is a quaint beer garden out the back for those who wish to stay and enjoy a couple of beverages, as well as a bbq that offers local cheese and chorizo platters.


Gulf Brewery, Hahndorf

If you love the scenery and vibe at Hahndorf as well as beer, then you will absolutely love the Gulf Brewery. At this microbrewery, you have the option of sitting out on the porch with your beer, enjoying the beer garden out the back, or hanging out inside the bar area. If this sounds like your kind of scene, then their hand-crafted beers include ‘Cabin Boy’, ‘Dunkel Storm’, ‘Kitten Tails’, ‘Hump Back’, and ‘Pear Shaped’ to name just a few.

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Lady Burra Brewhouse, Adelaide City

Lady Burra Brewhouse offers hand-crafted beers as well as a large range of pub meals. As the name suggests, this microbrewery is a tribute to the Australian story of Lady Burra, whose father decided to move the family to Ballarat to chase the gold rush. The unique beers of Lady Burra Brewery include ‘Lady Burrapilsner’, ‘Lady Burranitro Irish Red Ale’, ‘Lady Burraindia Pale Ale’ as well as ‘Lady Burrapale Ale’.

Little Bang Brewing Company, Stepney

In 2015, Fil and Ryan opened up their own brewery in Stepney. Fil and Ryan have years of experience in the beer making industry, leading them to create their beer in the most unique way, with beer and wine equipment, as well as their own inventions. Looking through their unique beer creations, ‘Breakfast at Stepney catches our eye!
Along with being preservative free, they are also vegan-friendly! So everyone is welcome to grab and beer and play a game or two of pool.

Lobethal Bierhaus, Lobethal

This microbrewery opened in 2007, and is exclusively all-grain! They pride themselves on producing eight core beers, as well as their seasonal and ‘one-off’ offers. Their core beers include ‘Bohemian Pilsner’, ‘India Pale Al’, ‘Hefeweizen’, ‘Pale Ale’, ‘Red Truck Porter’, ‘Choc Oatmeal’, ‘Stout’, ‘Devils Choice’, ‘Bruce’, ‘Lisa’ and ‘Botanic Ale’.

Mephisto Brewing, Happy Valley 

Mephisto Brewery is a new microbrewery to hit the scene in Adelaide. By catering each and every beer style to using different types of water and locally grown and personally selected hops, this brewery proves it’s worth in the beer making industry. Mephisto’s handcrafted beers include ‘Wagner India Pale Ale’, ‘Faust Pale Ale’, ‘Mephisto Stout’ and ‘Gretchen Wheat Beer’.

Ministry of Beer, Barossa Valley

After seventeen years of being a home brewer, Ministry of Beer opened in 2016. This microbrewery specialise in handcrafted ales, and believe in brewing small batches to keep it fresh. While growing their own Cascade hops, they also experiment with malt, yeast and hops. Their very own handcrafted ales include ‘The Whippersnapper’, ‘Pale Ale’, ‘The Rye Man’, ‘Harvest Ale’, ‘The Old Timer’ and ‘The Outcast Milk Stout’.

Pirate Life Brewing, Hindmarsh

Pirate Life is a microbrewery so good that AB InBev bought it out at the end of 2017. Pirate Life Brewing has a large range of different craft beers, including a lot of hoppy American style IPA’s. Among these famous IPA’s is the classic ‘IPA’, ‘IIPA’ and ‘Throwback IPA’.

Prancing Pony Brewery, Adelaide Hills

The Prancing Pony Brewery is “the home of long flavour”. The head brewer, Frank Samson, has taken his experience from Germany, back to Adelaide and believes in traditional beer making processes and preserving that tradition for future generations. Their beers include ‘Pale Ale’, ‘Amber Ale’ and ‘India Red Ale’.

Rehn Bier, Barossa Valley

Reh Bier was opened in 2012 and specialises in small batch, artisan beer. This micro brewery is a treat to visit due to the quirky and unique decor at their cellar door. By interpreting traditional methods of crafting beer from different parts of the world, they have created ‘Weizen’, ‘1837 Ale’, ‘X.S.B’, ‘Tripel’, ‘Smokey IPA’, ‘Extra Stout’, ‘Wet Hop Harvest Ale’ and ‘Dark Ale’.

Smiling Samoyed Brewery, Myponga

If you are a dog lover then this one is for you!
Simon and Kate opened their brewery, the Smiling Samoyed, in 2012. Named after their dog, it has become an award-winning brewery in Adelaide. Along with fantastic food and atmosphere, their handcrafted beers are delish. These include, ‘Poppet’, ‘Kolsch’, ’12 Paws’, ‘Dark Ale’ and ‘IPA’.

Shifty Lizard Brewery, Willunga

The Shifty Lizard is Willunga’s up and coming microbrewery. Founded in 2015, they already have a range of fresh, handcrafted beers including ‘Frills Pale Ale’, ‘Kipper IPA’, ‘Slither Winner Ale’, ‘Happy Irish Red Ale’ and ‘Stouty McStout Face’.

Swell Brewing, McLaren Vale

Opening in late 2018, Swell Brewing makes their handcrafted beers with locally sourced ingredients from McLaren Vale. Surf fanatic, Dan Wright, got the idea for his brewery name from the sand and surf. Dan and his wife Corinna, started out brewing at home, until the demand for their handcrafted beers grew too big. Their unique brand includes ‘New World Lager’, ‘Golden Ale’, ‘Pale Ale, ‘Brewery Qualifying Series’, ‘Amber Ale’ and ‘Cloudy Apple Cider’.

Vale Brewing, Willunga

A group of three brothers opened a brewery in 2008, and since then, they have become gold medalists at both a national and an international level. The award-winning beers that they have carefully handcrafted include ‘Vale Ale’, ‘Vale IPA’, ‘Vale Lager’, ‘Vale Amber’, ‘Vale EXP’, ‘Vale Knee Slapper’, ‘Vale Mid Coast’ and ‘Vale Limited’.

Western Ridge Brewing, Barossa Valley

Starting from a shed in 2016, Western Ridge Brewing has always been focused on making their beer with high-quality ingredients. This is the perfect place to go and enjoy beer as well as the views at the Barossa Valley. The handcrafted beers provided are ‘Secret Rehn’s Business’, ‘Vision Festivale’, ‘Captain Responsible Trousers’, ‘Friendly Bison American Pale Ale’, ‘Vox Populi Rye IPA’, ‘Summerye Golden Ale’, ’20K The Barossa Ale’ and ‘Galaxy Warrior Mosaic’.

Wheaty Brewing Corps, Thebarton

Old fave, The Wheaty, is now a microbrew pub unto itself! Starting in 2014, this is a unique, folksy microbrewery/pub Adelaide that is different from anything else. Among their very wide range of hand crafted beers, their popular tap beers include ‘Blood Oats’, ‘Foreign Extra’, ‘Hopikopi Sour’, ‘Indy’ and ‘Shiploads’.

Be sure to check out some of these websites or go in store and try out a classic South Australian craft beer for yourself!

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