Adelaide mums join forces for premium infant milk formula business

With six young children between them, these SA mums are taking the baby formula world by storm with their new product.

Three entrepreneurial Adelaide mums are taking on the $70 billion global infant formula industry with the February launch of mumamoo, South Australia’s first female-owned, wholly Australian made package-to-product formula.

With six young children between them, directors Kristina Scutella, Charlotte Chambers and Belinda Humphris set out to create what they couldn’t find in existing baby formulas plus help new mums navigate the often overwhelming feeding journey they’d each experienced.

As well as building a South Australian business success story, the mums behind mumamoo have now developed a formula which combines premium ingredients from Australian grass-fed cows, while still being affordable for everyday parents. mumamoo is nutritionally complete, with a greater combination of vitamins and minerals than its competitors within the same price range.

At the heart of mumamoo is a desire to provide women more options for nurturing their baby, and at the same time evolve the conversation around feeding which has, for so long been steeped in societal expectation and judgement.

“mumamoo is making available everything we wished we had access to in a formula for our own babies,” says Charlotte, who exlusively breastfed both her babies before turning to formula on her return to the workforce. “We are here for all feeding journeys and our aim is to support as many parents & caregivers as we can,” she added.

Less than half of babies in Australia are exclusively breastfed to three months and less than a quarter to five months; with post-natal depression, multiple births, low supply and return to work just some of the reasons parents and caregivers will need to turn to infant formula at some point as either a supplement or substitute to breast milk.

“We are supportive of all feeding journeys and understand that no two experiences are the same. While we are a formula company, we advocate for the goodness of breast milk and breastfeeding – but this is not always a reality for so many women for a variety of complex reasons. Modern families are diverse and as a result, there are a huge number of women and families needing to access an alternative to breast milk,” says Charlotte.

The mums behind mumamoo are offering more than just that alternative.

Beyond their locally owned, Australian-made baby formula, they also want to provide a village of support to new families by encouraging confidence over comparison and putting an end to the stigma and pressure around feeding.

Most importantly, mumamoo want to shift the narrative by supporting all feeding journeys and making them part of the same story: the story of feeding your baby.

mumamoo is available online and in-store locally from February 15, 2021, find them at Foodland stores, Drakes stores and National Pharmacies.

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