Adelaide Musician Indy Stanton Chats Opening Feast Festival, Go-To Cover Songs, And Storytelling

Indy Stanton is slated to open the entire festival, performing first at Carnival, which marks the official start of Feast.


“I said yes straight away,” says local musician Indy Stanton, when I ask her about performing at the upcoming Feast Festival’s opening night party, Carnival.

“Someone from Feast Festival contacted me,” she says. “I think they’d read an article about me or heard one of my songs and knew that I was a queer Adelaide artist. They thought that would go hand in hand with Feast Festival”

Feast is South Australia’s annual festival celebrating LGBTIQ+ arts and culture, and is making a groundbreaking return this year with a new program concept, “Pridevember”.

“I’m absolutely pumped, I’m so excited,” says Stanton.

She is actually slated to open the entire festival, performing at Carnival, which marks the official start of Feast. Set over two courtyards and two stages, the night features a star-studded line up, including YouTube sensation Christian Hull.

When asked what we can expect from her Feast Festival set, Stanton says, “I’m going to be performing a couple of songs from my album The Candle Room and then I’m also chucking in a cover or two just to get the crowd going.”

I ask her if she has a go-to cover song, and she laughs, “”I do, I have, and I’m going to keep that little tidbit to myself.”

The Candle Room is Stanton’s debut album, and was released earlier this year. Stanton’s latest single from the album, Trust, was followed by a music video directed by fellow local creative, Maiah Stewardson. The video featured three, real life couples.

“They brought photos and told their stories,” says Stanton. “It was just a really awesome day.”

When asked what’s next, Stanton says, “I’ve got some more stuff being recorded for an upcoming second album which is really exciting and then potentially a tour.”

It would seem Adelaide creatives, including Indy Stanton, are having a well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

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