Adelaide Oval - A Nine News Special

Adelaide Oval – A Nine News Special

Adelaide Oval: It has been home to cricket, football and rock ‘n’ roll royalty. Its hallowed turf is the jewel in the state’s crown.


Warren TredreaIt’s been a big year for Adelaide Oval with over a million footy fans attending the iconic ground in its inaugural year of hosting AFL games. It has by all accounts redefined football for South Australia. This year it has been host to not only football but also cricket as well as rock ‘n’ roll royalty. This Sunday at 6:30pm Warren Tredrea presents Adelaide Oval a Nine News Special taking viewers back over the Ovals 143 year history.

Tredrea will sit down with Power Captain Travis Boak and Crows Club Champion Daniel Talia as they share their highlights of playing on the hallowed turf. We hear from greats synonymous with the oval’s history including Ian Chappell, Neil Kerley and Les Burdett who recall their fondest memories of their home ground.

We meet Andrew Daniels, CEO of the Stadium Management Authority, as he opens up about running the well-oiled machine behind the stadium experience. Tredrea chats with former Transport and Infrastructure CEO Rod Hook who oversaw the oval’s half a billion dollar redevelopment to find out what really went on during the controversial rebuild that many said would never be completed.

And we relive some of the oval’s biggest moments including record breaking performances from sporting legends Sir Donlald Bradman and David Hookes; and the who’s who of the music industry from Michael Jackson to The Rolling Stones.

Tune in on Channel 9 this Sunday at 6:30pm for Adelaide Oval a Nine News Special 


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