Adelaide performer Hans updates fans, after taking terrifying 4 metre cruise fall

South Australia’s sparkliest performer Hans, has survived a terrifying 4 metre fall, while performing on a cruise ship in Europe.

South Australia’s sparkliest performer, the Berlin Boy Wonder Hans, has survived a terrifying 4 metre fall, while performing in Europe for @atlantisevents on an Odyssey Med cruise ship.

Posting on Facebook at midnight Australian time, Hans updated his fans on the situation, which will see one of his upcoming shows cancelled, while he recovers from the injuries sustained.

During his performance on the cruise ship, Hans fell into the orchestra pit, shattering his foot and sustaining minor spinal damage. Despite the injuries, his Facebook post to his supporters reflected his effervescent personality, ensuring his everyone had an update after concerned fans had reached out to him.

In his lengthy post, Hans also thanked his insurer 1Cover (highlighting the importance of travel insurance!!) and his close friend Nurse Adam, who have helped him through the ordeal.

Hans Facebook post read:

“Darlings. Some of you have reached out to me on socials and while I don’t want to alarm anyone, I do want to let everyone know what’s happened.

“On Thursday night I was involved in an accident on stage while performing on a ship in Europe that saw me falling 4meters into an orchestra pit. It’s resulted in a shattered foot and some slight spinal damage.

“At this stage the spine looks manageable but I will require extensive surgery on my right foot. Obviously not an ideal situation, but it could have been much, much worse. I am being airlifted to London from Turkey today and will be treated when I arrive.

“My thanks to 1Cover insurance for their assistance in this, especially to the magnificent Allie and Toka!! Also my dear friend Nurse Adam who is travelling with me this week is my superhero. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of friendship and for saving me throughout this.

“Sadly… this means I will not be able to perform at Broken Heel next week… and yes I’m aware of the irony in that!!! I was so looking forward to spending the weekend with you all. Future shows are currently on stand by until we have more of an idea of my recovery plan.

“I want to thank everyone in the Atlantis audience on Thursday night for being so understanding when this occurred and to those who have already sent very kind messages of support. Oh…. And this send off!!! Not the standing O I wanted at the end of the show, but it really cheered me up. THANK YOU GAYS ❤️❤️

He is currently being prepared for a medical evacuation by air ambulance from Turkey to London for further imaging scans and surgery. 

Hans injuries have unfortunately meant the cancellation of his upcoming Broken Heel Festival headlining show in Broken Hill on September 9th.

A statement issued by David Wilson, Managing Partner at Watercooler Talent, Melbourne, says all other scheduled performance dates in 2022 will be continuing as planned.

As South Australia’s unofficial ambassador, and a true icon of the stage and screen, we have no doubt Hans will have an outpouring of love during his recovery process – including from the Glam Adelaide team, who wish him all the best.

Follow Hans’ updates on his Facebook page here >

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