Adelaide private schools join forces to combat period poverty with local charity KickStart for Kids

Adelaide’s private schools are collaborating with KickStart for Kids to tackle period poverty, significantly increasing donations and raising awareness through school-wide initiatives and community support.

Photo: Ian Steel with donated sanitary products

Adelaide’s private schools have embarked on a mission to assist in the battle against period poverty in South Australia, in support of the local not-for-profit organisation KickStart for Kids (KSFK). Walford Anglican School for Girls, St Dominics Priory College, Cabra Dominican College, St Michael’s College, Westminster, Loreto College, Wilderness School, and Rostrevor College are at the forefront of this crucial social initiative.

This collaboration, now in its third year, has seen notable growth in participation. From its inception with a single school in 2022, the initiative expanded to five schools in 2023, and this year, eight schools are involved.

Ian Steel, the founder of KickStart for Kids, alongside the charity’s period poverty ambassadors including TikTok influencer Jenna with the Pink, AFLW PAFC star Matilda Scholz, and longtime volunteer Olivia Steel, have engaged directly with the students and staff of the participating schools. Throughout their educational sessions held during school assemblies, the necessity for menstrual products and the overarching aim of the campaign were highlighted. Each session coincided with a drive to collect donations of sanitary items, deposited in designated KSFK Against Period Poverty bins.

Reflecting on the increased support, Ian Steel noted the impressive results of the ongoing initiative. “It’s been great to see the growth in the schools participating in the fundraising drive over the years, and we’ve managed to raise around 15,000 sanitary products as a result. The fact that we started with one and now have eight on board is amazing,” he said. Ian also praised Rostrevor College, an all-boys school, for its second-year involvement, emphasising the importance of broadening the conversation on menstrual health and inclusivity.

The motivation behind these efforts was driven by concerning statistics from a 2020 survey conducted in South Australia. It revealed that one in four girls missed school due to lack of access to feminine hygiene products, with half of the survey respondents unaware of how to obtain sanitary items at school.

Since launching the KickStart for Kids Against Period Poverty in June 2021, KSFK has expanded its support, currently supplying menstrual hygiene products to approximately 360 public schools integrated with their successful breakfast program, out of the 120 schools initially involved. The growth of this initiative is a direct result of intense community mobilization and fundraising efforts, including Kick Start For Kid’s annual event held at SkyCity Adelaide. The event in May 2023 raised over $31,000 and collected mass quantities of sanitary products, further supporting the programme’s expansion.

Ian shared, “We’ve been overwhelmed by the support, and it’s through these amazing school communities and the generosity of those that attended our SkyCity fundraiser event, that we are able to continue supplying sanitary products to the girls that need them most.”

In addition to organisational and school support, the wider public can contribute to this cause. Donation boxes are available across all 37 National Pharmacy stores in South Australia. Online donations can also be made through the KickStart for Kids’ website at:

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