Adelaide Ranked Tenth Most Liveable City In The World

Adelaide has maintained its tenth position, and has been awarded “ideal” ratings in both the education and healthcare sectors.

For the second year running, Adelaide has been ranked tenth in The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index. 

The coveted ten was topped, once again, by Vienna. Last year marked Vienna’s displacing of Melbourne from the top spot, held by the Australian city for seven years. In 2019, the cities remain separated by 0.7 percentage points, with Melbourne still securing second place on the list. 

Sydney has risen in the ranks from fifth to third, cementing Australia as one of only two countries with the most cities in the top ten. 

Whilst in previous years, Adelaide has held a higher ranking, the stability of its tenth position is encouraging, as are is its “ideal” ratings in both the education and healthcare sectors. 

Although there has been some movement in the rankings, the top ten has remained unchanged from last year’s report. Interestingly, Sydney was the only top ten city with an improvement in its culture and environment score. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s report, this reflects “an increased focus on combating and mitigating the impacts of climate change, as outlined by the city’s “Sustainable Sydney 2030” strategy.”

Climate change is arguably the most pressing global crisis, with the City of Adelaide recently announcing that it has joined the worldwide movement of 36 councils across Australia and more than 900 worldwide to declare climate change as as a national emergency.

The ten most liveable cities are as follows:

  1. Austria, Vienna
  2. Australia, Melbourne
  3. Australia, Sydney
  4. Japan, Osaka
  5. Canada, Calgary
  6. Canada, Vancouver
  7. Canada, Toronto
  8. Japan, Tokyo
  9. Denmark, Copenhagen
  10. Australia, Adelaide

You can download the full report here


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