Adelaide Restaurant Wins Best Interior Design In The World

Last night in London, the 2016 World Interiors News Awards were held, with Adelaide walking away a winner!

Photography by David Sievers
Last night in London, the 2016 World Interiors News Awards were held, which recognise and showcase the designs that have made the biggest impact on the cultural landscape during the previous 12 months.
From all of the incredible entrants to the Awards, Adelaide designers studio-gram won the Restaurant category for Osteria Oggi on Pirie Street. The restaurant category “acknowledges ingenuity, innovation and finesse in restaurant interior design projects worldwide”.
Osteria Oggi already holds a swag of awards, but there’s something rather fabulous about Adelaide hosting a restaurant with the best interior design in the world! And the food? Well don’t get us started on how amazing that is.
Dave Bickmore and Graham Charbonneau from studio-gram were at the ceremony which took place at the Design Museum, Kensington.
This is a huge achievement and is a nice validation of the time, effort and investment that went into creating Oggi. The whole team is very proud.
About the Design of Osteria Oggi

Oggi translates to ‘today’, and the space reflects this meaning as a modern interpretation of all things Italian.

The brief was simple, the client wanted a bright interior, with a kitchen on show, a direct reaction to the moody, dimly lit spaces of the local hospitality scene.

Oggi is a simple and subdued interior, with a playful personality, informed by the squares and piazzas of Italy. The repetition, the materiality and the formal nature of these outdoor spaces have all influenced the outcome.

Vaulted ceilings, archways and a long narrow bar are all presented by a shop front, where your focus is drawn to the rear of the space, where the play of light through its saw toothed roof, and the draped greenery from the produce garden capture the essence of Italy.

The pre existing shift of levels from the entry to the rear of the site helped drive the transition from bar to dining room. A split-level at the rear of the dining room, allowed for the re-interpretation of a raised shop-front displaying the kitchen, the butcher and the pasta shop. The cellar occupies the space below; it is dimly lit, wrapped in wine and produce, pasta production table by day and celebrations by night.

The integration of the space was key to its success. Local artists were enlisted to collaborate on the development of the signage components, and the custom ceramics used both for propping and styling.

A local permaculturalist was also engaged to assist in the development of the arbor, the greenery throughout the space, and the ongoing maintenance of the plants. The greenery was an important aspect of the restaurant, it establishes a connection to the outside, that isn’t often found indoors. It recreates the affinity for nature on a sub conscious level, grounding the concept of the piazza.

Check it out at 76 Pirie Street, Adelaide or via their website.
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