Adelaide Roller Derby Bout 2 Recap

Mile Die look to continue their winning ways while the Road Train Rollers look to run them over. Who will come out on top at Adelaide Roller Derby Bout 2.

The Adelaide Roller Derby Season 2018 is getting into full swing. Fast-paced, hip crunching, rock and rolling girl power action is guaranteed as Bout 2 succeeds to deliver. Will the Road Train get on a roll or will Mile Die fly high?

The Mile Die Club are coming off a strong showing against the Salty Dolls in Bout 1 beating them 287 to 138 whereas the Road Train Rollers have a lot of new rookies who are about to be tested against the pavement. Mile Die assert their experience getting up 22 before Road Train are able to score. The Road Train Rollers continue to be aggressive and manage to keep the game tight throughout the first half. Solid jams by Crush’er Ramone and Honey Homicide close the gap to 12 as the first half finishes with Mile Die Club up 73 to 61.

The second half starts with the Mile Die Club continuing to go on strong runs. The Road Train Rollers don’t seem to have an answer for Mile Die’s Evil Stig and she dominates any time she’s assigned as jammer. Road Train Rollers maintain a fierce physicality as they lay out Mile Die Jammer, Moe Skeeto, on two occasions. Road Train close the gap to 8 with 3 minutes on the clock. Mile Die however show their crunch time versatility and answers with a devastating 28 point jam. Mile Die then play defensively to run out the clock and end the bout Mile Die Club 157 to Road Train Rollers 119.

All the screaming and shouting aside the fellowship nature of Roller Derby comes to the forefront as the fans come together to form an archway for both teams to skate through. Drinks at the Metro all round. The seasons only just started and there’s plenty more fun to be had.

Bout 3 stars the Road Train Rollers and the Wild Hearses in the Hearses season opener on the 12th of May at Wayville Pavilion of Adelaide Showgrounds.

Keep your eyes posted on Glam Adelaide for even more bout recaps.

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