Adelaide Roller Derby Bout 3 Recap

The Wild Hearses look to run the Road Train Rollers off he road in their first bout of the 2018 season while the Roadies look to put the Hearses back into the ground.

We are now at the mid- way point of the 2018 Adelaide Roller Derby Season. Each team has had a chance to show it’s mettle and the results have been promising. Saturday the 12th of May was the Wild Hearses turn to step up on the plate. The Wild Hearses have been struggling for the last couple years. Having been relegated to last place in 2017 by the Road Train Rollers the Hearses came into Adelaide Showgrounds with a contingent of fresh meat all thirsty for blood. Road Train wasn’t going to make it easy for them though. Coming off an incredibly close loss to the Mile Die Club, the Roadies enter with a desperate ferocity to get a W on the board.

The opening few jams in Bout 3 went down as evidence of how much these teams want to prove themselves. Fast and agile jammers compete fiercely against each other to fight through the pack. This bout was all about physicality. Up to the final siren neither side let up in laying in the pain to their opponents. With both teams going at it hard the stronger side came through with better execution. Foul trouble consistently got the Wild Hearses in strife. Unable to keep a jammer on the track the likes of Honey Homicide and Invader Scrim had free reign to rack up the points. At the end of the first half the Road Train Rollers had built up a healthy lead of 190 to 39.

Looking at a very steep hill to climb the Wild Hearses didn’t relent and came out with even more enthusiasm. Some impressive jams from The Ghan and apt strategy from Basement Cat, started getting them on the board. Unfortunately, the inexperience of the Hearses newer line up comes through as again they spent a lot of time in the penalty box allowing the Road Train Rollers to run through for easy jams. An honourable mention to Road Train Roller jammer Babe N Pow who spent all night bowling over every blocker in her path. A veteran jammer who seemed unstoppable on the night.

The bout finished with Road Train Rollers 390 to the Wild Hearses 101. Not a night for the Hearses but they still got to bare their teeth and show that they will always be relentless regardless of the score. Road Train Rollers get the W and make a statement that they are more than capable to challenge for the Grand Final this year.

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