Adelaide Roller Derby Grand Final Recap

The Road Train Rollers look to roll over the Mile Die Club who look to fly high. Who will take away the trophy at the ADRD Grand Final.

Featured image (above): Stephen Muller Photography

Ladies and gentlemen, skaters of all ages, the end is nigh. It’s been a gruelling season with plenty of devastating bumps, nail-biting jams and a whole lot of fun. However, it all must come to a climax and what a way to see off the season then the skill that was on display at this year’s Adelaide Roller Derby Grand Final.

As is every year, the ADRD Grand Final was a double header bout. First was the third place bout between the Salty Dolls and the Wild Hearses. Followed by the Final proper between the Road Train Rollers and the undefeated Mile Die Club. The Mile Die Club have been in the league 11 years without seeing a title and after coming just short in both 2016 and 2017, Mile Die are coming into this Final with a vengeance.

Before they could fight for the trophy though it was the Saltys and the Hearses time to take centre stage. This may have been a consolation bout but neither team was going to go easy on the other.

Opening with their best jammers, Trinket for the Salty’s and Warlust for the Hearses. The winless Hearses didn’t lie down.

Giving as good as they got scores were neck and neck after the first 10 minutes in the first half. The Salty’s defence started to wear the Hearses down though and Trinket took advantage with uncontested jam after uncontested jam.

The Salty Dolls finished the first half leading 135 to 70. The nautical ones spent the second half playing around with their line ups. Traditional blockers like Victoria Bitter and Ghoulfriend coming up to the Jammer line. The Dolls continued to dominate with Warlust the only one able to take advantage of the changing line ups. The score at final whistle was Salty Dolls 242 to the Wild Hearses 152.

Up next was the bout of the year. The culmination of an 11-year journey. The Mile Die Club came in with a determination unlike any other but the Road Train Rollers weren’t going to be push overs.

The Mile Die club started demonstrating dominance early getting a 29-5 lead within the first 10 minutes. The Road Train kept on trucking closing the gap to a few as 14 with their hard-hitting jammer, Babe N Pow knocking down everyone in her way.

This was Mile Dies moment though and some jamming brilliance from Mad Squeelz Milz and Bobby Dazzler let the MDC pull away and eventually claim the trophy in grand fashion. Finishing 197 to 115.

My personal MVP vote has to go to Bobby Dazzler. Hopping from side to side while on the jammer line. Jumping the apex, skipping and hopping through blockers, getting up as soon as she was knocked down. No one wanted to win this more than Bobby and you could see it in everything she did.

And with that we close off the 2018 ADRD season.

This has been one of the most exciting and competitive seasons we’ve seen at Adelaide Roller Derby and it’s been a show of force by the Mile Die Club.

Looking ahead the Road Train are still fierce, the Salty’s can still cause an upset and the Wild Hearses have the right pieces to build around. 2018 was a riot and we can’t wait for 2019.

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