ReBrand SA Winner “More Than You Imagine”

It’s been a busy 8 weeks with South Aussie’s putting their imagination to good use and getting amongst ReBrand SA’s campaign to create a future brand for South Australia.

The Judges Choice winning slogan, ‘More Than You Imagine,’ won with a resounding lead and strong public support to take out the top award and $5,000 for their troubles.

The brains behind the new SA brand, Natasha Malani, Scott McBain, Marty Jackson, Dion Gentile, Ian Darbyshire and Andrew Wallace are about to have their work explode onto the international stage. Their adaptable and versatile brand is set to showcase SA on the world stage by attracting positive attention to its exports, industries, educational, tourism and lifestyle offerings interstate and overseas.

Adelaide‐based international branding expert, Peter Joy, says “place branding” is vital for SA’s regional prosperity in a competitive global market place, with the new slogan having the ability to manage “a good, clear, believable idea of what the place really is all about and what it stands for.”

GLAM Adelaide’s own Kelly Noble, and a Re-Brand SA judge, says the winning entrant was selected from a diverse pool of entrants.

Ms Noble says, although some of the entries were presented quite professionally, “some of the best ideas came from people sitting at home with a microphone and a slideshow, but ultimately the winning brand was the most translatable across different mediums.”

“We saw the winning entry as something that could be used in industry, business and development but also arts, lifestyle, fashion, and the other areas South Australia has to offer, it wasn’t restrictive” says Ms Noble.

Another advantage the winning entry had, according to Ms Noble, was it relevancy to people living in SA. The brand could be used to sell South Australia to South Australia, as well as on a national or international scale.

The two other judges were Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood and Justin Hazel, President of the Property Council of Australia.

Pipped just at the post was the People’s Choice Award winners, with the brand ‘South Australia: Look Closer,’ created by Christopher Arblaster and Joel Parsons.

If you missed out on putting your own two cents worth though, don’t worry, you can still voice your support for Adelaide and South Australia by getting behind Make My City Work.

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