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Adelaide spa named one of the best in Australasia

Adelaide has a new feather in its cap with IONE Spa & Wellness, located in the city’s western suburbs, being officially recognised as one of Australasia’s finest urban spa escapes.

Adelaide has a new feather in its cap with IONE Spa & Wellness, located in the city’s western suburbs, being officially recognised as one of Australasia’s finest urban spa escapes.

This tranquil haven recently earned Runner-Up Honours for the Best Urban Spa in Australasia at the prestigious Australasian Spa and Wellness Awards. Additionally, it was a finalist for the Best Bathhouse in Australasia, a testament to its commitment to world-class spa and wellness experiences.

“What an honour it was to receive these accolades”, says owner Anna Burden.

“It really is an exquisite moment to be recognised for the innovation and dedication that went into the creation and evolution of IONE”.

IONE Spa & Wellness, which opened in its current location in October 2021, is the brainchild of Anna Burden and is a rebrand of The Lavender Room Wellness Spa. The property, several years in the making, showcases meticulous attention to detail.

Anna collaborated with visionary Melbourne-based architect Megan Hounslow, known for the prestigious Willow Urban Retreat, to realise her dream of a five-star luxurious spa that soothes the body, mind, and soul.

With assistance from Sonja Sorich from Spa Wellness Consulting and construction undertaken by Mark Frigo and the team from BuildINC, Anna’s vision was able to be transpired into a breathtaking oasis – a perfect setting for anyone needing much needed tranquillity, relaxation and revitalisation.

“I have the mentality that if I am going to do something, I do it right”, says Anna. “I don’t do things by halves in my world!.”

“I wanted to elevate industry standards and set IONE apart from the rest by introducing unparalleled attention to detail,” she explains.

“We used chromotherapy throughout the centre, our lounge chairs are ergonomic, we used low- VOC paint and building materials – even our walls are triple soundproofed.”

“The use of natural materials, particularly marble and timber, imparts a tactile sense of connection to Earth,” saya Anna. “We created an authentic sensory haven with a studied approach to lighting throughout the space, with consideration to circadian rhythms stimulating the natural cycle of daylight, using custom tones and textures.”

“There is even an embedded crystal grid in the foundation for energy healing – it’s these little details that are unprecedented”.”

Offering a luxury service throughout, the spa offers a wide range of services from massages to bathhouse experiences, with the inclusion of their Swiss Vichy jet-shower a feature in itself. IONE’s spa journeys however are the standout experience, seeing guests immerge themselves in an opulent 2-3.5 hour indulgence like no other.

Touches such as luxury change-room facilities, fluffy bathrobes, slippers and access to the absolute lakefront lounge area where spa refreshments are served, are complementary to every guest regardless of the service booked.

Popular with both locals and interstate visitors, IONE has expanded its team to meet growing demand.

“I believe that it is our unparalleled wellness experience that has seen IONE emerge as a jewel in the Adelaide spa and wellness landscape,” Anna stated. “The IONE experience is truly like no other.”

As IONE Spa and Wellness continues to provide peerless experiences, it looks forward to more exciting developments.

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