Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Performance To Aid South Australia’s Bushfire Affected Wildlife

The Australian Symphony Orchestra has announced an additional performance of The Bush Concert, with the proceeds being donated to SAVEM.

Over the past few weeks, the state has rallied to support those who have lost everything in the recent bushfires. This has included massive fundraising going towards the devastation of the Australian wildlife living in the affected areas. 

The Australian Symphony Orchestra’s Managing Director, Vincent Ciccarello, has now announced that an additional performance of The Bush Concert will go on sale, with the proceeds being donated to SAVEM. 

SAVEM, the South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management, is the response and recovery agency that is working to retrieve, assess, triage, shelter and treat animals of all species in an emergency incident, in this case, obviously the bushfires.

There are three concerts, an 11am, 1:30pm, and 3pm session, with only proceeds from tickets to the additional 1.30pm session being donated to SAVEM. However, there will be buckets for cash donations at other performances.

Ciccarello was on Kangaroo Island when the bushfires hit, and states, ‘Not only have people’s lives, properties and livelihoods been destroyed but the toll on our environment, our native animals and biodiversity is nothing short of disastrous.” 

The Bush Concert, in its current season of the ASO, fittingly focuses on the Australian bush and the often-harsh conditions that the native flora and fauna face during times of drought and suffering. 

ASO musician David Sharp, who will be conducting the concert, says, “It is devastating and heartbreaking to witness what is happening to our beautiful country, its people, communities, animals and habitats. Mark Simeon Ferguson’s score is a wonderful introduction to the sounds of our Australian birds, and an enchanting introduction to the instruments of the orchestra.” 

It is based on the novel by the same name, written by Australian author Helga Visser. 

To book tickets to The Bush Concert click here

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