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Adelaide To Light Up With Huge International Lantern Festival

Lights Water Fest is a travelling festival that either ignites lanterns into the sky, or down a river AND it’s coming to Adelaide.


Lights Fest travels around the world to ignite an eruption of lanterns into the sky or water, alongside live music and dancing. Next year in February, The Lights Water Fest is heading to Adelaide.

On February 8, Adelaidians can gather by the Torrens at War Memoria Drive to send a candle lit lantern down the river.

It creates a surreal ambiance, where time slows down as your single lantern floats with thousands of others.

You’ll essentially arrive, grab your lantern and wait for the launch with friends. Once you have the go, everyone will gently place their lantern on the water and watch a sea of light float down the river.

As you can imagine, it’s a visual delight that you need to feast your eyes on below.

If you’re concerned about sustainability, The Lights Water Fest have a cleanup crew who will ensure all lanterns are collected.

Furthermore, the lanterns don’t use fire, instead they have an LED light within them that portrays the same effect as fire (much more safe though).

The lanterns are also 100% biodegradable too and not harmful to any wildlife – phew!

The Lights Water Fest will take place on 8 February, 2020. More more info click here.

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