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Adelaide wine hikes are coming to a picturesque trail near you

A series of unique Wine Hike experiences are planned across Adelaide’s picturesque trails in the coming months. Enjoy local wines, breathtaking views, and charming paths in a blend of nature and gastronomy.

Indulge in a unique outdoor adventure with the Hydropath Society’s Wine Hike Experience, combining the joys of hiking and the finer pleasure of wine tasting. With a series of monthly hikes planned across some of the most picturesque trails in Adelaide, each hiking event offers a refreshing mix of physical activity and wine indulgence in a relaxed setting.

Set to start at 11am, these hikes are designed to appeal to both enthusiasts of nature and fine wines. Participants can expect a day of wandering through breathtaking landscapes, with routes carefully chosen to deliver a balanced experience of gentle challenges and rewarding vistas. Each hike covers a distance of 4-6 kilometres, appealing to those with moderate levels of fitness.

The Hydropath Society initiated the wine hikes in 2022 and continues to create engaging experiences for attendees. This year’s series will span six months, with hikes scheduled in renowned local spots including Carrick Hill, Chamber’s Gully, and the Beaumont Loop. At each event, participants will be treated to an eclectic selection of local wines, complemented by light lunch provisions to nourish and enhance the tasting experience.

Safety and comfort are prioritised, so while activewear is optional, comfortable walking shoes are mandatory. Participants are also advised to prepare for weather conditions and practice sun safety. The social nature of these hikes makes them perfect for attending with friends or gifting an experience via a voucher, allowing for shared enjoyment of the hikes and wines.

Event details, including specific hike locations and dates, are available on the Hydropath Society’s website, with tickets being transferable should plans change.

Looking ahead, here are some of the upcoming wine hikes, each promising a unique theme and setting:

– Hilltop Drops at Chamber’s Gully on July 7 features wines that reflect the elevation and natural beauty of the area, perfect for enjoying at a picnic spot with expansive views.

– Effervescent at Morialta Falls on September 15 introduces sparkling wines accompanied by the climb to First Falls, offering a dramatic backdrop for tasting elegant Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties.

– Abundant at Horsnel Gully on October 13 invites hikers along a historical path populated with stone cottages and koalas, paired with robust wines suited for a picnic of cured meats and cheeses.

– Sunset Hike at Beaumont Loop on November 1 and Pique-Nique-Soif at the same location on November 10 each offer distinctive wine selections tailored to the time of day and the sensory experience of the surroundings.

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