Adelaide Zoo announces two more ‘Relaxed Morning’ events for those with sensory needs

The relaxed morning offers a safe space for those with sensory needs highlighting Zoos SA’s aim to create an environment of diversity and inclusiveness.

Zoos SA is set to deliver a series of relaxed experiences for the State’s autism and autistic community at the Adelaide Zoo.
The ‘relaxed zoo’ experience will open the gates earlier to the autistic and autism community to ensure a quieter and calmer environment, with reduced human noise.
The Zoos SA program is running as part of the organisation’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) charter.

The charter highlights Zoos SA’s aim to create an environment of diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusiveness where everyone is welcome. 

Assistant Minister for Autism, Emily Bourke, says “If the most unpredictable environment, like the zoo, can create an autism-friendly environment then any industry can.
“The creation of the Assistant Minister for Autism role has created an opportunity for industry and government to work together. Connecting people with a network of knowledge.”

Minister for Human Services, Nat Cook, says “We must continue to celebrate and encourage an increasing availability of relaxed experiences that provide safe spaces for our autism and autistic communities.

“This creates an environment not just for the community to enjoy, but one where the community gains more knowledge and understanding in this space.”

The Adelaide Zoo was also the launch location for the new ‘Pavely’ app – A DHS initiative that allows users to search and rate venues on accessibility allowing those with a disability to plan ahead with confidence.

‘Pavely’ is a social planning app that provides a directory of venues from around the state with accessibility and inclusion ratings. The first-of-its-kind platform allows users to search for venues based on accessibility ratings and required accessibility features such as the entrance, amenities, parking and options for assistance, vision and sensory needs.

Pavely empowers people living with disability to visit venues with confidence, knowing that their needs are catered to.
One ‘relaxed zoo’ experience has already taken place earlier this year with two more are scheduled:

  • Saturday 15th October between 8am and 9.30am and Saturday,
  • 21 January 2023, between 8am and 9.30am.

    Attendees will have one and half hours to explore the space at your own pace before we open to the general public. Once within the zoo, attendees are welcome to stay as long as they wish.

To find out more about the ‘Relaxed Morning’, click here.

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