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Adelaidean To Hypnotise at the Fringe

Adelaide’s only Stage Hypnotist, Isaac Lomman is performing his debut Fringe show: Comedy Hypnosis! A World of Enchantment at The Gov , February 24-28th, 2013 in four mesmerizing shows!


Isaac LommanAudiences at The Gov set to experience hypnosis, Las Vegas style!

Adelaide’s only Stage Hypnotist, Isaac Lomman is performing his debut Fringe show: Comedy Hypnosis! A World of Enchantment at The Gov , February 24-28th, 2013 in four mesmerizing shows!

Over the course of the four nights, Lomman will enlist in the help of enthusiastic audience members to provide the entertainment. Willing volunteers will be invited onstage and lulled into a hypnotic trance before they are taken on a hypnolarious journey into the depths of their unconscious minds.

Having performed all around Australia from Gold Coast theatres to corporate events such as: The State of Origin luncheon and on board Rhapsody of The Seas luxury cruise liner, Lomman is excited to be bringing his show back to a home crowd, especially during the excitement of Fringe season in Adelaide.

 “Fantastic show! I’d suggest it to all of my friends. Great for a laugh, especially if you’re up on stage!” Jack May, Bar Manager at The Gov

The show itself, Comedy Hypnosis! A World of Enchantment, is reminiscent of something one would only experience in the illusive town of Las Vegas, and follows the classic narrative of a stage hypnosis show with audiences able to witness the hypnotic process in action, right before their very eyes.

Whilst this show is chicken free (we’ve all see those classic ‘cluck like a chicken’ riffs), it is not without its fair share of interesting antics! Volunteers will be seen under the spell of a voodoo clown, racing Kangaroo’s and even experiencing hypno-magic routines.

“Everyone enjoys going into hypnosis!” Says Isaac, “However I only work with volunteers from the crowd, I don’t force anyone to join me on stage.”

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