Adelaide’s beloved ‘Dolphin Explorer’ gets a million-dollar makeover and new home in Queensland

South Australia’s ‘Dolphin Explorer’, an iconic 3-level vessel, has emerged from a $1 million transformation and is making waves in the Brisbane River.

South Australia’s ‘Dolphin Explorer’, the iconic 3-level boat that holds a place in the hearts of many Adelaideans, has emerged from an epic $1 million transformation and is now making waves in its new home in the Brisbane River.

For years, the Dolphin Explorer was a well-known sight in the waters of Adelaide, playing host to everything from late-night discos to toe-tapping music events, weddings and day parties. It also had a hugely popular family-friendly side, with dolphin-watching cruises that delighted kids and adults while imparting lessons on the port’s rich maritime history.

The Dolphin Explorer, with its dance-floor nostalgia and fun-filled memories, has undergone a glitzy makeover and a change of scenery.

Now renamed the ‘Oasis,’ this 3-story vessel brings a whole new level of luxury to river cruises.

The Dolphin Explorer in Adelaide

Oasis in Brisbane

For Adelaideans who find themselves in the Queensland capital, this is your chance to climb aboard the Oasis and experience a hint of Adelaide pride as you set sail.

While the revamp has resulted in a completely different look to what we know, it’s hard to deny this boat is looking tempting for a day on the river.

‘The Oasis’ has gone from a family favourite into a chic, colourful, and vibrant party boat that’s all about letting loose and having a great time. Filled with style and flair, with a striking blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, you can dance the night away, sip cocktails under the sun, or simply soak up the Brisbane skyline views.

While many locals will miss seeing the Dolphin Explorer cruising by in Adelaide’s port, the new home in the Brisbane River is giving the boat a second wind.

The Oasis sets the stage for an exciting journey through the heart of the city, with picturesque vistas and the opportunity to explore Brisbane’s vibrant nightlife, all while sailing on this glamorous and cherished vessel.

Despite it being the end of an era for the boat here in Adelaide (and all the fun that came with it), a million-dollar makeover and a new home on the Brisbane River is just what the Dolphin Explorer needed to continue its journey as a symbol of fun, adventure, and pure maritime magic.

Images provided by DJ JoSH, a regular throughout the years of Dolphin Explorer parties.

Check out the impressive revamp on Oasis Instagram.

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