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Adelaide’s Best Cheese Hampers You Can Get Delivered

Love cheese? Get amazing, local cheeses delivered to your door, so you’re always fully stocked for the next time your grazing board craving hits.


Ah, cheese — so delicious, so versatile. The perfect mid morning snack, a wonderful dinner substitute, and a necessary feature on any self-respecting grazing board.

We’re particularly lucky in South Australia to be surrounded by so many fantastic cheeseries. Here is a list of some local businesses delivering hampers or packs of amazing, local cheeses right to your door, so your home will never be tragically cheese-less.

The Smelly Cheese Shop

Deliveries are dispatched Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week. Cost of delivery is $18.00 per 3kg of product.

Next day pick up is also available from Stall 44 in the Adelaide Central Market for online orders made before 12 noon.

SA Selection Box | $80

  • 180g Onkaparinga triple cream brie
  • 150g Edith goats cheese from Woodside
  • 200g Mont Priscilla from Section 28
  • 200g Belmondo Blue from La Vera
  • 100g Muscatels
  • 100g Cheese Culture Crackers

Mix It Up ISO Pack | $110

  • 180g Coal River Triple Cream
  • 150g Woodside Edith Goats Cheese
  • 200g Comte
  • 200g Bleu d’Auvergne
  • 120g Adelaide Hills Fruit Paste
  • 100g Cheese Culture Crackers

The Perfect Confinement Pack | $140

  • 250g Brie de Nangis
  • 250g Section 28 Monforte
  • 150g Woodside Edith
  • 250g Taleggio
  • 250g Fourme d’Ambert
  • 160g Birky’s French Pate
  • 150g Coriole Kalamata Olives
  • 100g Cheese Culture Crackers
  • 120g Adelaide Hills Fruit Paste

For all of The Smelly Cheese Shop’s cheese hampers, click here.

The Barossa Valley Cheese Co.

Flat delivery rate of $20. For more info on delivery, visit

Dinner Party Cheese Platter | $41

Impress your guests without lifting a finger. Serves 8-10.

  • Barossa Triple Cream 150g
  • Barossa Washington 200g
  • La Dame 150g
  • Barossa Valley Cheese Co. Crispbreads 100g

Luxury Cheese Hamper | $79

A decadent gift or the perfect gourmet cheese platter when entertaining, serving at least 20 people.

  • Barossa Triple Cream 500g
  • La Dame 150g
  • Barossa Washington 200g
  • Nietschke Barossa Farm 150g
  • Maggie Beer Quince Paste 100g
  • Trevallie Orchard Dried Apricots 250g
  • Barossa Valley Cheese Co. Crispbreads 100g

When You Just Love Cheese | $120

For serious cheese lovers. Serves 10 people.

  • Barossa Triple Cream 150g
  • La Dame 150g
  • Alexandrina Cheese Company Vintage Cheddar 150g
  • Barossa Camembert 200g
  • La Vera Adel Blue 150g 
  • Dried Muscatels 100g
  • Barossa Bark
  • Winestains cheeseboard

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Kris Lloyd Artisan Cheese

Delivery within Adelaide Metro is $15; orders outside of Metro are $25. Check your postcode here.

Pantry Essentials | $50

  • Goat Curd 200g
  • Buffalo Persian Feta 300g
  • Cave Aged Romano 200g
  • Monet Crackers 100g

Australian Natives | $65

  • Anthill 100g
  • Bush Buff 150g
  • Lemon Myrtle Chevre 150g
  • Monet Crackers 100g

For all of Kris Lloyd’s cheese hampers, click here.

Alexandrina Cheese Co

For more information about delivery or to place an order, call 8554 9666 or email [email protected].

King Alexandrina | $99

  • 1kg Encounter Bay Mini Edam
  • 250g Marinated Feta
  • 250g Fresh Cheddar Curd
  • 200g Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar – Red Wax
  • 250g Baby Gouda
  • 200g James Flat Pepato
  • 200g Finniss River Romano
  • 125g Arnott’s Water Crackers

Queen Alexandrina | $79

  • 250g Marinated Feta
  • 250g Fresh Cheddar Curd
  • 200g Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar – Red Wax
  • 200g Encounter Bay Edam
  • 250g Baby Gouda
  • 200g James Flat Pepato
  • 125g Arnott’s Water Crackers

Jolly Farmers | $59

  • 200g Compass Farmhouse Cheddar
  • 250g Fresh Cheddar Curd
  • 200g Encounter Bay Edam
  • 200g Mt Magnificent Gouda
  • 200g James Flat Pepato
  • 125g Arnott’s Water Crackers

Brightside Deli

Delivery is $15 to all Adelaide Metro areas. To place an order, email [email protected].

Little Night In | $75

Includes a bottle of wine of your choice from our friends at Bruno + George (Barossa Valley) and Fox Gordon (Adelaide Hills), and a delicious selection of hard and soft cheeses, dips, artisan bread and crackers, dark chocolate, dried fruit and fresh seasonal fruit from local suppliers.

Big Night In | $100

Same grazing pack as above, only with two bottles of wine of your choice from Bruno + George (Barossa Valley) and Fox Gordon (Adelaide Hills).

Out In The Paddock

Though their meal delivery service menu changes every week, Out in the Paddock’s Isograze grazing box is something you can order every week.

Orders for Wednesday delivery close on Sunday at 5pm. Orders for Friday delivery close on Wednesday at 5pm. Deliver fee is $5.

You can order via their app or by emailing [email protected].

Isograze | $75 (for 4) & $55 (for 2)

  • Selection of cured meats (sopressa, ham, proscuitto)
  • Vegatables
  • Three cheeses (hard, soft, and blue)
  • Fresh and dried fruits
  • Lavosh and crackers

For more from Out In The Paddock, visit their Facebook page.

Amazing Grazers

Let’s say you’re fully stocked with cheese — what next?! You arrange it into a perfectly photogenic grazing board, of course. Not sure how? Well, that’s why we’ve listed Amazing Grazers in our guide.

A short scroll through their Instagram will show you that if anyone knows how to make a cheese board — its Amazing Grazers.

If you want to level up your grazing platter skills and make the cheeses that you got delivered in your hamper look spectacular, why not visit the Amazing Grazers Facebook page for some of their tips and tricks.

And there you have it! A list of some of our favourite, fabulous cheese hampers that you can get delivered to you.

If you know any other local, South Australian businesses offering cheese hampers, let us know at [email protected].

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