Adelaide’s Best White Wine Under $20 & Where to Get It

With countless BBQs and parties this weekend, be a hero and pick up this award-winning wine that won’t break the bank.


Hallelujah! The long weekend is upon us. There’s only a few more hours until we can throw our papers in the ayeeer like we just don’t cayyy-er and let us tell you this, it’s going to be a cracker. We’ve got Spring Affair, the Grand Final and parties galore. All you’ve gotta do now is stock up on booze.

Be the hero among your mates and save yourself some coin at the same time by picking up an award-winning wine for under 20 clams. Lambrook Adelaide Hills 2017 Sauvignon Blanc has just won Best Sauvignon Blanc and Best White Wine $20 and Under at the . Actually, why not grab a few bottles to ensure you aren’t the one that rocks up empty handed (awkward). 

The award-winning Lambrook Sav Blanc can pretty much be found all around Adelaide. For a full list of stockists click here.

Have a great long weekend and stay safe amigos!

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