10 Wine Bars That Will Warm You Up This Winter

We at Glam have done extensive and scientific research into SA’s great wine bars that you must try this winter.


This guide was updated in July 2019

Alcohol warms the soul. Fact. Ok, it may not strictly be fact but we’re standing by it. Our favourite way to stay warm and merry throughout these winter months is with a great glass of wine. Luckily so many great little spots have emerged in Adelaide that share our vino passion. And so we at Glam have done extensive and scientific research into SA’s great wine bars that you must try this winter.

Apothecary 1878– This heritage listed building has stood the test of time. Its decor takes you on a journey back to 19th century Paris and has a completely unique charm for our Adelaide drinking scene. The front bar is even graced with 135-year-old antique pharmacy cabinets originally from London, but discovered in an antique store right here in Adelaide. Not only are they fluent in the language of wine here but their food is also to die for. Get lost in the romance and elegance of a beautifully selected food and wine menu the perfect setting to match.

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Cantina Sociale– This one has been around a while but that doesn’t take away from the excellent quality of the wine and surroundings at Cantina Sociale. One of the best things about this place is that not just some, but ALL of their carefully chosen wines are not available in stores or other bars. They take direct from local cellars and often pour from single barrels. They have told us the wines they select take you on a journey and tell their own stories. Who knows, after a few glasses perhaps you’ll be the one telling the stories.

Gallery- Three stories above Waymouth Street, is Adelaide’s largest rooftop garden. Galley is a sophisticated spot, combining the charm of the building’s heritage with a modern finesse. With a share style menu and an extensive list of beverages, this is the perfect place for after-work drinks or a night out. It’s a popular boutique rooftop bar, with heaters and retractable roof to keep you cosy this winter.

La Buvette Drinkery-  So quaint. So French. Warm up the way the Parisians do in winter, with their delicious wines and a heart warming meal. The service at this gorgeous spot is fabulous, as is the very French selection of drinks. It’s true that we are spoiled for choice with incredible wines here in SA but this bar is perfect to explore a European region that obviously doesn’t beat the superior standard we set here, but gives it a damn good try! J’adore.

Mother Vine- Unlike some wine bars who don’t grasp that our love for vino is a 7 day commitment, Mother Vine has answered our needs: It’s open every day! If you’re not sure about what you’d like to try here don’t worry, the helpful and experienced staff are always happy to chat and talk on your level; whether that’s ‘wine snob extraordinaire’ or ‘doesn’t know the difference between Chardonnay and Shiraz.’ What’s more you can buy by the glass, the bottle or even by the taste if you’re really puzzled. The wine list is not so extensive that it bombards you with information, just simple, great choices.

Nook Nosh- This quirky little spot is nonchalantly nestled on Unley Road. Their focus is on local producers who often only make products in small batches. That means that their wine list is constantly evolving and we at Glam Adelaide LOVE that. There’s always something new and exciting to lock your lips around.

Proof- The little sister to Press* was always bound for greatness. To say it’s a hole in the wall is an understatement. Blink and you will definitely miss it. They serve up delicious bar nibbles and divine cocktails but know a plethora of things about wine too. Their lists are constantly evolving and boast drop unique wines from SA and interstate. Dim and moody lighting add to the winter warmth, and the inevitable crowd will keep you even warmer. Just be sure to show up early as you don’t want to get stuck out in the cold.

Two Sisters Food & Wine- A small wine bar, but a cosy one for winter. Two Sisters Food & Wine is located on Goodwood Road, the wine bar has a relaxing vibe and outstanding service. Two Sisters Food & Wine makes the ideal venue to enjoy heartwarming wines and locavore style food. Whether your taste buds are longing for SA wines, or a crafty cocktail, they’ve got you covered. A great spot for drinks and nibbles before or after heading to the movies at the iconic Capri Theatre.

Udaberri- Before Peel St became the bustling hub of inner city laneways, this little spot had us hurrying to Leigh St. It still to this day provides supreme service with a quality wine and food menu. It’s not strictly a ‘wine bar’ as they also specialise in excellent cocktails; however their extensive list of wines not only visits all our local nooks and crannies but also explores the best of Spain, Portugal, the U.S., France, Austria and many more. Quiz their wine connoisseurs and ask their favourites, they’re always happy to recommend a different drop. (Note: on a Friday night it can often be a tight squeeze to get to the bar. They have outdoor seating with toasty heaters, but make sure you bring your coat)!

Treasury 1860- The refurbished Treasury 1860, consists of three uniquely designed spaces by award-winning interior architecture Studio-Glam, giving you various areas and dining options to suit your needs. This beautiful restaurant and bar showcases the heritage of one of Adelaide’s most iconic buildings, with a timeless modern flair. Treasury 1860 has a sumptuous food and drink menu, offering international and intestate guests, but most of all showcasing the best of South Australia, including a curated range of craft beers, distillers and dynamic cocktails. Unwind and enjoy an elegant spot that will excite and inspire you.

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