Adelaide’s Cruise Season Is About To Launch, And It’s Bigger Than Ever!

Adelaide’s Cruise Season Is About To Launch, And It’s Bigger Than Ever!


2019 is a little over a week away, and with the new year, comes a new cruising season – with a stack of great options on offer departing from Adelaide.

P&O is set to offer their biggest-ever Adelaide program in 2019, with a record 12 cruises including two eight-night round-trip cruises to Tasmania.

The season starts on January 30 with the arrival of Pacific Eden.

Now, if you’ve never been on board a cruise ship, you’re in for a treat. It’s essentially a hotel on the water.

Earlier this year, I spent three days on the Pacific Eden for a Comedy Cruise, which departed from Outer Harbour, and from the moment I set foot on board, I was on holiday. I loved the fact that there was ‘no travel time’ and you could start enjoying the sunshine, swimming pools, bars and ambiance straight away.

As a first-timer, I expected it to be small, cramped and claustrophobic, but instead it was a spacious and glamorous way to squeeze in a great holiday over a three-day weekend.

To find out more about my experience – read more here.

In 2019, the fabulous Comedy Cruises are back, with two separate dates on offer for the mini-getaway. Depart February 4th for three nights, or again on February 16th for three nights, and kick off your Fringe fun with some local and national talent.

There’s also a Food & Wine cruise on the Pacific Eden on February 23rd, also for three nights, and then another Food & Wine cruise on March 9th.

The three night format is a fantastic way to feel like you’ve had a holiday, without sacrificing travel time, and still getting to enjoy a relaxing escape on the water. The benefits of these mini-escapes, is that you also don’t go right out to sea. You stay in the relative-calm of the gulf, meaning it’s usually smooth sailing (so to speak) for passengers on board.

Included in the 2019 line up is also a 3-night getaway to Kangaroo Island, departing on Jan 30th, and six Southern Getaway cruises, which run for four nights a piece, and launch from Feb 5th to the final departure date on March 30th.

If Melbourne is your thing, there’s a 4 night cruise heading down that way on Feb 26th, and finally, there’s another Southern Getaway cruise, this time for 5 nights, leaving on March 16th.

So basically, Adelaide’s cruising season is from early Feb till late March – during our best weather, which makes it a great time to get out on the water.

For more info on Adelaide’s Cruise schedule for 2019 and beyond, hit up the P&O website here.

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