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Adelaide’s Digital Strategy Is Here!

Adelaide’s Digital Strategy is here, and the future is looking great …


Adelaide City Council Facebook PageThe Adelaide City Council has released its Digital Strategy for the city, and its looking positive.

Free wi-fi in the city, citizen mobile solutions, and smart parking technologies are just a snippet of the plans outlined in Adelaide City Council’s Digital Strategy 2012-16 “Connect Adelaide”, released today.

Council has so far committed $1.8 million to activate the Digital Strategy to enable people living, working, studying and visiting Adelaide to access to up-to-date, high-speed digital technologies and initiatives right here in the city.

The National Broadband Network roll out in Adelaide and North Adelaide is due for completion by the end of 2015, and when it’s done, Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood wants to make sure everyone has the chance to access it.

“We’re currently voted one of the best places in the world to live, and we want to keep our reputation and being at the forefront of digital technology is one way of helping ensure this, Stephen said.

“Late last year we put the Digital Strategy out for public consultation, and we’ve really listened to people’s responses and included their ideas where we could to help ensure our city’s digital future and liveability rating,” said Stephen.

The Innovation Lab at the Grote Street Library is one element of the strategy that is already up and running. At the Grote Street Library is the Digital Hub, another part of the strategy that provides a range of digital literacy courses to people of all abilities in the community. The Hub, which opened in January with the assistance of funding from the Australian Government, has provided more than 180 free training sessions to local community members and businesses across a range of areas including computer use, the internet and other online technologies.

Council’s strategy also covers smart parking technology to provide flexible payment options and to investigate real-time parking and other relevant information to create a better parking experience for all city users.

Real time updates including interactive digital maps and directions, digital displays, sensors to analyse people movement in the city, live city event broadcasts, and enhanced CCTV are also part of the strategy.

The Digital Strategy is available to view online  here.
Regular project progress updates will be provided on the site and soon people will also be able to post their responses to activities and initiatives online.

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