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Adelaide’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop to open in the CBD

ANA Drinks, opening on Hutt Street, will be Adelaide’s first central hub for non-alcoholic alternatives, where you can sip, try, and buy all in one place.

While several South Aussies recently participated in Dry July, many are looking to make a lasting lifestyle change, reducing the number of alcoholic bevvies they consume or remove alcohol from the agenda altogether.

Recognising this change, many local breweries and wineries are producing and pouring zero-alc alternatives more than ever before. But where can you find them?

In an exciting development, SA will be welcoming its first dedicated non-alcoholic drinks retail store next month called ANA Drinks. Standing for ‘Australian Non-Alcoholic’, the store will be a central hub for non-alcoholic alternatives, where you can sip, try, and buy all in one place.

Store owner Lisa Fraser says she and her partner were inspired to open ANA Drinks following a rather busy Christmas period in 2021.

“Last year during Christmas, my partner and I got invited to a lot of events for 12 days straight,” says Lisa. “Following that, we did three months of no drinking.”

“In our bubble, it’s helped us with moderation. It’s great to drink a little bit, then switch out. We love the inclusivity that these products bring and there’s many good ones, so this is really exciting.”

Opening at the end of September, Lisa says ANA Drinks will operate like a bottle shop but will have a tasting space where Adelaideans can try before they buy.

“There’s a bit of everything for everyone. Whether you’re pregnant or looking to pace yourself at events – there’s no one-stop target market,” Lisa continues.

“Expect a big range, an interactive, quirky space, and just have some fun. I want people to think about the inclusivity of drinking and the social element of that. It’s appealing, particularly for work functions, to have a non-alcoholic drink that can pair really nicely with food.

“With Christmas coming up, it’s great to have different options other than straight alcohol, lemon, lime and bitters, or soft drinks.”

ANA Drinks will stock an array of non-alcoholic variations of wine, beer, spirits, RTDs and mixers, as well as mocktails of course. While ANA will have a few international brands on the shelves, it will predominantly support the abundance of Australian and South Australian brands.

“There will be mainstream brands, but this is where you can come and try all those niche brands you’ve never head before,” says Lisa. “Enjoy Aperol spritz? We have a non-alcoholic version for that. Going into summer, I think Adelaide is ready for a place like this.”

Just a couple of brands you’ll be able to find at the new store include:

  • No,No – Rose, Barossa Wine Cartel (learn more here)
  • Pure Vision Wines – Organic Chardonnay/Shiraz
  • Bridge Road Brewers – Pale Ale 
  • Little Bang Brewery – American Pale Ale 
  • Gage Roads – XPA 
  • NON – Wine Alternative 
  • Lyre’s – Spirits & Liqueurs

ANA Drinks will be open to the public from the Friday 30 September 2022.

For updates, follow ANA Drinks on Facebook and Instagram or check out the ANA website.

Find ANA Drinks at Shop 1 206-208 Hutt St, Adelaide 5000.

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