Adelaide’s First Virtual Dessert Bar Launches With Nutella Loaded Fries

Just when you thought life couldn’t possibly get any better, you can now get Nutella loaded fries delivered to your door.


We think Nugg Lyf was one of the greatest inventions of this century. Chicken nuggets—delivered to your door? Genius.

And just when we thought surely life can’t get better than this, the boys from Nugg Lyf team up with the girls from JAMU and are bringing us Adelaide’s first virtual dessert bar!

Prepare yourselves to get very, very well acquainted with Netflix & Chilled. With a menu including everything from cinema faves like popcorn and choc-tops, vegan friendly frozen smoothie bowls and treats, to deep fried delights such as Nutella loaded fries, Netflix & Chilled has a little something for everyone.

As crazy as Nutella loaded fries sound (we were a little sceptical at first too), we’ve been assured they’re the bomb—and we think we can get behind anything covered in Nutella!

“After such early success with Nugg Lyf, we really saw an opportunity for us to expand our virtual restaurant concept into other food categories. When we thought about what people who order UberEats are doing, we figured they are probably at home relaxing and watching Netflix—so why not create something tailored towards that experience?” Josh from Nugg Lyf explains.

“We decided to partner up with the girls from JAMU as we really love their smoothie bowls and treats, which are all vegan friendly and taste delicious. We also know that our skills are basically limited to frying things, so we figured we’re better working with the smoothie experts.”

For now, the virtual dessert bar will be running out of Nugg Lyf’s western kitchen, although if successful, the team will look to expand.

As for the name, Josh explains with a smile, “We did make sure to check and technically Netflix doesn’t have a trademark for hospitality, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

One thing you don’t have to wait for is getting your hands on those Nutella loaded fries! Get on it Adelaide!

Nugg Lyf and Netflix & Chilled are both available via UberEATS or Deliveroo.

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