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Adelaide’s Gorgeous White Event ‘Diner en Blanc’ Made Easy (Plus Your Exclusive Access)

Here’s the tips on making preparations easy for one of Adelaide’s most stunning events – plus your chance to win tickets! Official ticket sales close Sunday.

Every year, around the world, thousands of people gather for gorgeous evenings of amazing food, beautiful wine, balmy nights, great music, and a sea of sparkling, white magic. It’s called Diner en Blanc, and it’s coming to Adelaide next weekend.

It’s really one of the most stunning events we go to each year, and we can get you there.

To set the scene, here’s a photo.

So basically, you round up your favourite people, wear white, and get set to party all night in a secret location, which is only revealed upon your arrival. Cool right?

In the past it’s been held on the riverbank overlooking Adelaide Oval, at the Adelaide Zoo, and even in Victoria Square – all gorgeous settings for the magical evening.

Your beautiful white outfits are complemented by white tables, white chairs, white tablecloths, and white everything basically. Add your table centrepieces into the mix (some people go all out and bring along flower arrangements, chandeliers and more, whilst some only bring a tea light candle or two), some sparklers for ambience, and you have yourself a memorable (super photogenic) night on your hands.

So what’s involved?

On the evening, lucky guests will gather at 19 meeting points across the city, before being guided by volunteers to a gorgeous final setting via chartered bus. Hampers from Kitchen and Catering By Sam and Gather and Graze by Bre are available for pre-purchase, so you can skip the meal prep and dig straight in. If you’re handy in the kitchen, you can also pack your own picnic and bring it along.

Wine is heavy, so that’s all supplied for you. You simply pre-order your choice of Howard Vineyard wines online here. You can even order some Moet Chandon Ice Imperial if you want to continue with the white theme.

Traditionally you bring along your table and chairs, which you line up with your friends – creating one giant long table – however this year they’ve made things even easier with the ability to pre-book your set up.

SO to recap, you can pre-order your food, wine, table and chairs, so really you just need to pull together your outfit, your friends, and prepare yourself for the most memorable night of the year.

Glam Adelaide has also managed to get our readers straight on to the invite list and a complimentary bottle of Howard’s Rosé if you register by emailing [email protected] and mention that Glam sent you! But hurry, ticket sales close on Sunday for the November 25th event, so get in quick!

Diner En Blanc.

Photo by Duy Dash.

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