Adelaide’s Most Amazing Creative Stationery Brands

Stationery is more than just that these days and can be used to personalise your home. Sarah Shanahan shares her favourite stationery brands from South Australian creatives…


I’m a total sucker for beautiful stationery, but then again, who isn’t? As a Professional Organiser I love a clean and minimal look when it comes to styling my home, and that includes the stationery that I purchase. Neutral tones with a bold splash of very on trend typography – that ticks all of my boxes. Of course I do love a throw of colour here and there too.

Stationery is no longer just used for its purpose, a pen as a pen or a card as a card. Stationery can be used to personalise a space, add a sense of creativity…

At the moment, Instagram is overflowing with beautiful images of quotes. Some of Adelaide’s creatives have turned those quotes into a business. A business of divine stationery. Amongst the amazing talent, stand several amazing businesses, which just happen to be a few of my favourite ‘go to’ brands when I am looking for inspirational, stylish stationery.

I love to use the products from the following list in my home, wherever and whenever I can. So here is my list, in no particular order, of my favourite Adelaide based stationery brands:

A lot of heart and soul goes into the creations from this Adelaide based creative. Emma is one busy girl! When she is creating beautiful images and typography for her stationery, she is out and about collaborating with businesses, whether it be at a coffee shop, the beach, in a forest or even a different state.

Emma recently launched her ‘Wild Hearts’ range at Brick and Mortar, Norwood. Its whimsical, fun and super stylish look has everyone so excited. It will leave you with a feeling of wanderlust and the urge to run away on a magical holiday somewhere!

You can still see the remnants of the launch on the Brick and Mortar floor!

Paige is another clever creative selling her stationery range in beautiful stores around Adelaide. Her clean, simple and inspiring words are all we need to stay focused! ‘Grateful’, my all time favourite, is just the perfect quote that I need to see daily to remind me to be just that as I go about my routine. Inspired by Ralph Waldorf Emerson’s quote, ‘scatter joy’, Paige will custom make tram scroll design posters, cards and magnets for you – similar to what I do for my shopping tour guests!

A colourful shot of fluoro happiness is what this Adelaide creative is all about. Perfect for any occasion, any age, gender and season. Rhi’s calendar is so delightful, I almost just wish the months away so that I can flip over to the next to see the loveliness awaiting me! She has also recently launched a baby book which is selling out around the country and is a credit to her beautiful designs. If only the books were available when my children were little…

You’ll see her designs at most good, well stocked newsagents around Adelaide.

Paper Parade @paperparade

Simple, stylish quotes. Often that can be the most effective. Lauren’s stationery range is just that with simple words saying it all. Whether it be a punchy one word card or a custom poster with the birth details of your baby, Lauren’s style is all class. I must admit I am totally addicted. ‘There’s no place like home’ proudly hangs in our family room! With a range that is affordable and chic, this is one brand you need to get to know ASAP!

So get creative with these creatives and use stationery to add a pop of something different to your home or workplace. I would also highly recommend following these amazing people on Instagram – you won’t be disappointed with the decorating inspo!

image (12)

Emma Kate Co.

image (11)

Emma Kate Co.

image (9)

Emma Kate Co.

image (8)

Paper Parade framed baby announcement.

image (7)

Paper Parade.

image (6)

Paper Parade cards.

image (5)

Rhi Creative Baby Book – inside view.

image (4)

Rhi Creative Baby Book.

image (3)

Rhi Creative Calendar.

image (1)




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