Adelaide's New Lululemon Store, Early Morning Yoga Disasters And Local Street Art - The Perfect Combo

Adelaide’s New Lululemon Store, Early Morning Yoga Disasters And Local Street Art – The Perfect Combo

My morning was spent discovering one of Adelaide’s most beautiful yoga studios, trying to achieve some yoga poses whilst hungover, then exploring the new Lululemon store and the amazing Adelaide artwork within it. Here’s the lowdown.


When some people (meaning me) think of Lululemon they tend to think of the workouts they should be doing, the health kick they’ve almost started, the yoga they’ve always thought of doing, and the workout clothes they need to drive them to actually exercise.

Other people are well and truly into the scene, and have the active wear and bodies to prove it. They are my daily inspiration and the reason I tried green smoothies. While I’m happy to pass on the ol’ jungle juice, I’m still trying to get on board with this whole fitness scene. The key word here being ‘trying’.

So when I was invited for a 7:30am yoga class to celebrate the launch of a new Lululemon store in Rundle Mall, I couldn’t think of anything worse. However I was dying to check out their new store and gear, so I dragged my hungover self (thanks to Oliver’s Taranga launching their new, very drinkable, sparking wine last night – ‘The Hunt For Mrs Oliver’), and rolled in, dreary-eyed to the surprisingly beautiful Power Living yoga studios on Halifax Street.

If you’re not too familiar with the whole yoga scene, Power Living have studios across Australia, and the Halifax Street location has been their Adelaide home for the last year or so. It’s incredible. With the help of a little coconut water, I was able to appreciate just how gorgeous this space was. If you’re looking at trying yoga, THIS is the place to do it. All it needed was a coffee machine and I would have been in heaven.

From the exposed brick and greenery, to the abundance of glass and beautiful scenery out the windows, the modern warehouse vibe is complemented by the easy-going instructors. While yoga isn’t my scene, I managed to writhe through the class without feeling beginners guilt for not understanding a single term that was thrown at me. I thought downward dog was a sex pose. Turns out I was wrong. Or was I? Anyway, I digress. If you’ve wanted to try yoga, do it here. They were gentle with us beginners and made us feel fine with our complete lack of skills or flexibility.

After rolling up my new yoga mat, feeling like I’d actually achieved something remotely healthy, we moved on to the new Lululemon store in Rundle Mall. Previously located at the corner of Grenfell and James Place, their new store is right in the heart of Rundle Mall, next to the Body Shop.

The DJ playing in the front window was enough to complete my ‘waking up process’ and the overwhelming amount of amazing workout gear, and clothing inside the store, set me on an all new ‘I’m going to get fit’ resolution.

Even if you’re not sure you’re ready for all the active wear on offer, it’s worth a trip in to the store to see an incredible new artwork which has been painted on the wall behind the check-out counter. The map of Adelaide’s CBD has been cleverly created by local artist Harriet McKay, and it’s amazing. It’s so damn good they’ve even printed it on Mojo Kombucha bottles.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and inspire me 😉

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