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Adelaide’s Newest Dive Bar Set To Open This Autumn

Solomon Street is set for a new small bar this Autumn with 70s rock themed dive bar Cry Baby to open.

Solomon Street is set for another venue this Spring with the strip primed to become one of the cooler precincts within the burgeoning small bar diaspora.
Jon Di Pinto, known to many serial small bar hoppers from his time manning the taps at Bank Street Social and Hains & Co, is set to make his own imprint on the local hospitality scene with Cry Baby, a homage to the swagger and strut of 70s LA rock and roll culture.
Jon tells us to expect “good times, a pool table AND jukebox” based on a dive bar style, with whiskey and tequila the main focus, in classic west coast fashion. Craft beer fans can expect no less than ten beer taps with a lot of support for local breweries, as well as some boutique American lines.
Melbourne bar, Heartbreaker, was the main influence, setting off the spark in Jon’s mind for Cry Baby. For the uninitiated, Cry Baby is the model of world’s most famous wah pedal and responsible for the signature wailing guitar sounds of 70s American rock and roll. So there lies the tie in with the vintage rock and roll vibe the venue is going for.
The dark moody interior is being overseen by the innovative Studio AKA and will be illuminated by hot pink light emanating from a three metre long neon sign, the feature point of the bar. Punters will be able to float between the cosy booth seating and a little dance area set aside for swaying to some vintage rock and roll.
Instead of standard small bar nibbles, there will be a hotdog cart inside the bar, this time more of a nod to the US East Coast, think New York style dirty water hotdogs. Jon calls them cry baby dogs and you can just picture downing one of these at the end of the night, rather than the start.
Cry Baby will be on the west corner of Solomon Street and is expected to open around late April or May and will stay open until 2am to start with a view to extend over time.

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