Adelaide’s newest hair salon is a treat for your eyes (and hair)

This brand new Adelaide hair salon pride themselves on celebrating individuality, being gender neutral and sustainable, plus they boast one of the prettiest salons we’ve ever seen.

Image via Etcher Salon

Etcher Salon in the Adelaide CBD is the city’s newest hairdressers with fresh ideas and a new take on the hair industry, and we’re absolutely obsessed with their space.

Believe us when we say, the interior looks like something straight out of a pastel dream.

Themed pink and blue, the salon boasts a custom pink terrazzo concrete front desk, bright neon sign, curvy retail shelves and the prettiest processing table in the centre.

And our favourite.. an epic wall mural by Dave Court that you can see in the reflections in every corner of the salon.

Dave Court is a multi-disclipinary artist based in Adelaide, working in areas of painting, design, and photography.

His mural definitely makes the centrepiece of the salon and is a client favourite too. If you’re enthused by Van Gogh’s starry night, this textured indoor artwork will be right up your alley.

Etcher salon has been open for two months now and their client reviews are nothing short of fabulous.

Etcher Salon pride themselves on celebrating individuality, being gender neutral and sustainable.

Visit them at 3/45 Gilbert Street, Adelaide, SA 5000.

Click here for bookings.

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