Adelaide’s Newest Modelling Agency Launches With A Difference

The Models agency is governed by a simple philosophy, “By the models, for the models, with the models.”


Adelaide, say hello to your newest modelling agency: The Models.

As a full-service agency, The Models provides talent to exclusive clients worldwide, whilst delivering unique and specialised management for the models they represent—but it’s not just your average agency!

The Models are here to change the long-established industry trend of client-based agencies, by returning the focus to the talent. They are governed by a simple philosophy, “By the models, for the models, with the models.”

The Model’s ground-breaking ethos is no coincidence. Directors, Letitia Fitzpatrick and Rebecca Lawrence, met 17 years ago when working as top models on both the local and international circuit. With over 40 years’ experience in the modelling industry between them, they know what it is like to be in a model’s shoes.

During their many years as model bookers and trainers, they have helped to discover, mentor and establish the careers of many of South Australia’s most well-known and successful models.

Having experienced the highs and lows of the industry, Letitia and Rebecca dreamed of founding their own business that strived to put talent first. The result is a pioneering agency that mixes an understanding of what a model should expect from an agent with extensive knowledge of how to deliver unparalleled service to an array of local and international clients.

“The Models is an agency born entirely from a desire to see change within the industry, by adopting a fresh attitude and going back to basics to the true definition of the word agent,” says Co-Director Letitia Fitzpatrick. “We work tirelessly for our talent, ensuring every possible opportunity is presented and offered to them—we work for our models, not the other way around.”

The Models ensure that their talent are included in every decision by giving them a voice and encouraging them, and their families, to take an active role in their careers. Their representation incorporates extensive on-the-job training and mentoring, with the wellbeing of their girls always taking top priority.

As proud supporters of The Model Alliance NY, The Models has set the benchmark for model rights, health, safety and full transparency.

Our models become part of our family,” says Co-Director Rebecca Lawrence. “Our friendly, professional and straightforward approach has seen clients come back to book our models again and again—happy models and satisfied clients means a prosperous agency.”

The Models’ holistic approach to the industry is evident in the balance of their global reach and local perspective. The agency are fierce supporters of the South Australian community and work actively with both established and up-and-coming local businesses, designers, photographers and creatives.

With its team of true professionals, The Models offers world class talent across Australia. With only a few months in the game, a string of accolades and suite of dedicated clients behind them, The Models’ fresh approach has already taken the industry by storm.

You can find out more here or by following them on Facebook and Instagram!

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