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Adelaide’s Newest Pop-Up Gin Garden Features Futuristic, Creative Vibes

The Bombay Sapphire take-over aims to present a creative, immersive experience in one of Adelaide’s known hotspots, Electra House.


As locals, we already know that the name Electra House is synonymous with a damn good time, and that’s exactly what you can expect with the return of a Bombay Sapphire pop-up gin garden.

Earlier this year, Bombay Sapphire turned Electra House’s ground floor outdoor area Bombay blue for a gin-fuelled takeover.

This time around, expect to be transported out of Adelaide and into a space beyond your wildest dreams. 

Outdoors, you’ll find the Bombay Sapphire Gin Garden.

Step inside for Bombay Electric Nights, to find yourself immersed in blue. Look up at the ceiling and you’ll see it glisten with a constantly changing cosmic pattern, reminiscent of a life-sized kaleidoscope.

If that’s not enough, to celebrate the launch, 200 complimentary G&Ts per night will be given out, and the menu also features an impressive list of Bombay cocktails. We’ve listed them off for your perusal:

Bombay G&T (Edible paint serve) – Fever Tree Mediterranean with Fresh lemon – $11

A stir of creativity, your favourite G&T classic served with Mediterranean Tonic, Geranium Edible Paint & Fresh Lemon

Bombay G&T; Fever Tree Clementine with Green Capsicum  & Coriander – $11

A spicy, seasonal fling, bringing green vegetables and herbs into the mix. 

Bombay Sapphire Tom Collins – $16

Refreshing, tall and full of citrus. The perfect summer drink

Star Of Bombay Gibson Martini – $20

For those looking to treat themselves. Classic gin martini, served with pickled onions.

Grab your drink of choice and head on over for your Insta-worthy photo opportunity at the bar, where you can see your drinks glow under the black light.

A Bombay Theme DJ booth will keep you feeling the electric vibes throughout the night, with rolling artist content of Bombay-inspired illustrations playing throughout the venue. 

Electra House is one of the CBD’s most-loved haunts, known for its established dining menu and elegant modern styling.

The Bombay Sapphire take-over aims to present a creative, immersive experience in the venue. 

The Bombay Gin Garden Launch kicks off on Friday November 29 and the Bombay Electric Nights Launch kicks off on Friday November 30.

Keep an eye on Electra House’s Facebook page for more details.

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