Adelaide's Pie Cart Is Coming Back!

Adelaide’s Pie Cart Is Coming Back!

The iconic pie cart returns to the city this Saturday. Because we all missed those pie floaters so very, very much.


Long ago, well before anyone in Adelaide or our illustrious council chambers had ever uttered the words ‘food truck’, there was one street side vendor who held the hearts and stomachs of South Australia between a quarter inch pastry crust. Yes folks, the Pie Cart is coming back. This Saturday in fact.

It’s hard to believe it has been six years since the old girl, Adelaide’s oldest recognised eatery by the National Trust in fact, closed it’s shutters and was carted away from North Terrace. Since then, a whole industry has developed around mobile food, but because nostalgia is a romantic place to dwell, there have been more than their fare share of calls for the return of the old bastion of the Pie Floater since.

Well, from 5.30 – 11.30pm on Station Road (just off North Tce), tears will be shed, pies will be eaten and we can all pretend, just for the afternoon, like the nightmare of the last six years where we had to go to convenience stores for our dirty street pies never happened.

Now, for those who like to wax off about which Adelaide bakery is better, this particular pie cart iteration is a joint venture between Adelaide Casino and Vili’s. So while the Balfours Cart still rests as a Tailem Bend tourist attraction, this cart will be offering the very pie floater that won the inaugural pie floater competition at the Royal Adelaide Show last year. Because that’s a category we all were watching closely.

Don't try to resist it... photo courtesy of Vili's.
Don’t try to resist it… photo courtesy of Vili’s.

Seriously though, this is a piece of Adelaide history which we hope will stick around. For the moment, it’s only going to return on August 6, 13 and 20, when the Adelaide Oval is hosting a few footy matches. But we also feel like it wouldn’t hurt to see it on a more regular basis. Here’s hoping.

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