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Adelaide’s Pint of Science Festival returns with a great series of events across SA’s pubs

Delve into the intersection of science and socializing at Adelaide’s Pint of Science festival, celebrating a decade of bringing cutting-edge research topics to local pubs from May 13-15.

The Wheatsheaf Hotel and Suburban Brew are set to host the annual Pint of Science festival from May 13-15. Celebrating its tenth year, the festival will bring science into local pubs across Adelaide, presenting an exciting range of talks that cater to a wide spectrum of scientific interests.

Pint of Science is a global not-for-profit initiative that reaches audiences in over 400 cities across 25 countries. By engaging the public with the latest scientific research in an informal setting, the festival aims to foster a greater appreciation of science among the Australian public. This year’s event marks a significant milestone, celebrating a decade of successful science communication.

The festival promises a rich diversity of topics, knackering stereotypes about scientists and their work environments by taking the discourse out of the laboratory and into the community’s favourite gathering spots.

The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Thebarton will be one of this year’s key venues, showcasing a series of talks that focus on everything from the quirky intelligence of sheep to pioneering research in space agriculture and wine tasting. On May 13, attendees can delve into Australia’s ecosystems with discussions on Dingo DNA and smart sheep, presented by Yassine Souilmi and Danila Marini from the University of Adelaide. The focus will shift from earthy topics to space on the following day with talks on sustainable agriculture and crop cultivation in outer space by experts Lynne Macdonald from CSIRO and Lieke van der Hulst.

The final day at The Wheatsheaf will explore the hidden flavours of wine and the potential of agave as a sustainable crop in Australia’s harsh climates, led by Mango Parker from The Australian Wine Research Institute and Matt Salomon from the University of Adelaide.

Concurrently, Suburban Brew in Glynde will host its own set of engaging discussions. On May 14, the venue will concentrate on brain health with presentations on neuroplasticity and neurodegenerative diseases by Lyndsey Collins-Praino and Mitchell Goldsworthy. Their talks will cover predictive models for neurodegenerative diseases and innovative techniques in brain stimulation.

The festival will wrap up at Suburban Brew on May 15 with a dual-themed event focusing on workplace health and renal wellness. Steph Chappel from Central Queensland University will analyse the ideal balance of physical activity in the workplace, while Jantina Manning will discuss the implications of genetic research on kidney health.

Each session is designed to provide insights into cutting-edge research and foster discussions that might inspire attendees to view science through a new lens. For those interested in science or just looking for a different kind of pub experience, the Pint of Science festival offers a refreshing blend of knowledge and entertainment, wrapped up in the familiar comfort of local pubs.

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