Adelaide’s SPACETALK smart watches soon available in Telstra stores

A local competitor for Apple and Fitbit smart watches, SPACETALK, will now have an Australia-wide presence, with Telstra signing on to sell the devices nationally.

South Australian company SPACETALK has propelled into popularity and international acclaim with their smart watches for kids and the elderly.

Their safety features means that you can stay in touch with those who wear the watch with GPS tracking, phone service and many other brilliant features.

Now it is going to get a whole lot easier to find these amazing pieces of technology.

Set to launch in April, Telstra will range SPACETALK Adventurer across its entire retail store network in Australia and Telstra online channels. 

SPACETALK’s range of all-in-one smartphone GPS watches for children (Spacetalk Kids and Spacetalk Adventurer) and seniors (Spacetalk Life) are purpose built with tailored features, design qualities and best practice data encryption, security and privacy technologies, for families to stay confidently connected.

“We are delighted by the ranging of Spacetalk Adventurer with Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company,” SPACETALK CEO Mark Fortunatow says.

“This is a very strong endorsement of the quality of Spacetalk devices, with Adventurer to be placed on Telstra’s core wearable device range.”

The watches are fun, fashionable, secure and technologically advanced, Spacetalk devices deliver confidence for the child and senior wearer, enhanced controls for the guardian, and engaging functionalities for the whole family to stay connected.

The Spacetalk App is designed to provide a family environment for fun, engaging and secure media access which is a huge comfort to families with younger children.

Every linked contact – parents, grandparents, extended family members and friends – regardless of whether they are Android or iOS users, can interact with linked Spacetalk devices and each other through the Spacetalk App, and only contacts approved by the guardian will be able to contact the watch.

Other great features for families include no access to the internet or social media as well as and the watch being able to make calls and take photo’s means it has the features of a mobile phone while being incredibly safe.

For senior citizens features include falls detection, 4G GPS systems which may be monitored by friends and family or a monitoring centre, and the ability to monitor heart rate.

To learn more about the SPACETALK and their products, check them out at

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