Adelaide's Tram Plan - Will It Go Ahead?

Adelaide’s Tram Plan – Will It Go Ahead?

The State Government has released a plan for Adelaide’s tram-led revival, but will the extension get the funding to go ahead?

Tram Plan Edit
The State Government has released a plan for Adelaide’s tram-led revival, but will the extension get the funding to go ahead?
In its Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan, the Government has looked at new ways to connect people to places and connect businesses with their suppliers and markets. They suggest the introduction of six new tram routes to return Adelaide’s tram network to its former glory years – EastLINK, WestLINK, PortLINK, ProspectLINK, UnleyLINK and CityLINK.
All linked to a central line in the city, here is the lowdown on each of the suggested routes:
PortLINK – a conversion of the Outer Harbour train line to deliver a new tram service to Outer Harbour, Port Adelaide and Grange, and construct new tram lines to West Lakes and Semaphore.
EastLINK − a tram line running along The Parade to Magill.
WestLINK – a tram line running along Henley Beach Road to Henley Square, with a branch line to Adelaide Airport. The existing tram line to Glenelg will also form part of WestLINK.
ProspectLINK − a tram line running from Grand Junction Road along Prospect Road and O’Connell Street.
UnleyLINK – a tram line running along Unley Road and Belair Road to Mitcham.
CityLINK – a tram running in a continuous loop at regular intervals along the Morphett Street, Sturt Street, Halifax Street and Frome Street corridors, with transfers available from other tram lines and railway stations.
It is thought that the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site will be boosted by the extension of the tram line along North Terrace and into East Terrace. With the EastLINK tram connecting to the existing tram at North Terrace and then connecting to East Terrace and heading on to the Parade and into Magill, this should give developers the incentive they need to redevelop the site. It will also provide a benefit to traders, workers, students, residents and shoppers in the East End.
This is not the only hope for the upgrade to the Adelaide tram network, with residential and commercial development, jobs and populations growth and an improvement to the already existing public transport network all a potential if the plan goes ahead.
With a few questions left about funding and delivery, the State Government have said that as soon as the funding does become available, they would love to include it in the budget and get the plan started.
With Adelaide growing in population, the need for such a project appears to be ever increasing. The plan has the potential to make South Australia stronger in many ways, from an increase in jobs, to an increase in tourism. However, with a possible 15 year timeline, it might be a long work in progress if and when the project does get started!

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