Adelaide’s up and coming comedians cutting their teeth in Rhino Room basement

Up and coming comedy night, Giggles, returns post a COVID-19 pause.

In Rhino Room’s basement, Adelaide’s cult comedians are cutting their teeth at comedy show, Giggles.

Pre COVID-19, the show was a weekly occurrence.

Now, getting back into the swing of things, Giggles is set to hold their second show on Wednesday, September 16, and if it’s anything like the first, you’ll want to get in quick.

Co-creator of Giggles Comedy, Jacob Jackman, says the event was created to give fresh comedians a place to debut.

“My Friend Bill Egan and I knew this great dive bar called Biggies at Bertram and wanted to put on an open mic night,” Jackman says.

“There are so many comedians in Adelaide and there isn’t enough stage time. So we figured we’d do it ourselves.

“Bill organised and put on the first show. He called me up and told me it was happening, but he couldn’t be there for the first show and told me to go run it.

“That was my first interaction with Biggies. After that we all started chipping in and helping out. Now it’s a great place to experiment with your comedy, muck around and it’s basically created to have fun.”

COVID derailed Giggles, and like most, the team had to shut up shop until restrictions lifted, but the hope of returning didn’t falter.

“We were pretty confident we would be back,” Jackman says.

“We had a really good Fringe Festival and had bigger name comedians coming through.

“That was such a busy time for us and going from that, to nothing due to COVID, we wanted to be back as soon as possible.

“It came down to what the venue wanted to do. They agreed to have us back and we’ve been working real hard to put on a good show and keep within the COVID rules and restrictions. It’s safe and the same as everyone remembers it.”

The first show since COVID was held on Wednesday, September 2.

“The first show back after COVID was fantastic,” Jackman says.

“It was sold out. It’s a good problem turning people away. It’s first come, first served.

“There is limited seating, so if you want to ensure a seat, book online.”

This week’s show is set to have some great up and coming talent. It gives comedians a chance to work on new material and who knows, you might see some comedy magic.

“One of the main parts of Giggles is giving new comedians a chance to hone their craft,” Jackman says.

“It’s hard to go to open mic nights and do your five minutes over and over again. We really like to give newer people longer spots to mess with their craft and experiment a bit.

“It’s all about encouraging new acts to get better. Comedians we liked and thought were funny, who necessarily weren’t getting gigs elsewhere now have a stage.

“It’s all about putting on something different.

“I’ll be hosting and I’ll be doing the whole thing buck naked,” Jackman laughs.

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem. It’s hygienic and fits well within COVID rules I think.

“Interactive, we’ll have the heckle bucket, pass that around and audiences can write down their heckles.

“It’s good fun and that’s what it’s all about.”

To book a ticket to Giggles, check out their Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/gigglesatrhino.

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