Adelaide Film Festival Review: The Lobster

Adelaide Film Festival Review: The Lobster

A delightfully bizarre comedy set In a world where single people are given 45 days to find a partner or risk being turned into an animal of their own choosing.


In a world where singles are shunned, the loners are hunted and captured, then imprisoned in a hotel and given 45 days to find a suitable partner. If they fail they will be turned into an animal of their own choosing and set free to roam in the forest. Dave has been captured and goes to desperate lengths to avoid being turned into the animal of his choice, a lobster.

Writers Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou have created a delightfully bizarre film which shines a spotlight on how society views and treats singles through a highly original, fast-paced and wonderfully black comedy.

Anyone who has been a single adult may identify with society’s obsession with finding a partner and how friends and family can often provide sympathy and ‘help’ to those who are alone. To avoid this stigma, those of us who are happily coupled will stay in relationships that are not right for us and will compromise our beliefs to escape the dreaded single life.

Starring Colin Farrell as Dave and Rachel Weisz as the short sighted woman, the cast of The Lobster delivers the ridiculous storyline with such a serious dryness that it makes Director Yorgos Lanthimos’s weird world appear almost ordinary. Just as you might expect from a black comedy, extreme acts of unnecessary violence and sociopathic detachment are ample and are most hilarious when provided by Angeliki Papoulia as the Heartless Woman. The cast also features John C Riley, Ariane Labed, Jessica Barden and Ben Whishaw.

Towards the end of the film the pace slows a little and The Lobster loses a bit of its hold around 20 minutes before the unexpected and unusual climax, but this film is still very clever, refreshingly original and is well worth a look.

With masses of social commentary, some brilliant storytelling and Monty Python style comedy, it is no surprise that The Lobster won this year’s Cannes Jury Prize.

Reviewed by Ceri Horner
Twitter: @CeriHorner

Rating out of 10:  8

The Lobster will screen again on 25 October 2015 at the Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas as part of the Adelaide Film Festival, running 15-25 October 2015.

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