AFF16 Designer Feature - Liza Emanuele

AFF16 Designer Feature – Liza Emanuele

Over 20 years of bespoke, jaw-dropping bridal and couture design has seen Liza Emanuele rightly assume the position as an icon of South Australian fashion.


There is no definitive moment when a label is anointed an icon. Such titles are earned over years work, built upon consistency, reputation, reinvention, and especially in fashion, remaining a benchmark by which all others are measured against. The incredible hours that it takes to build and then retain such a reputation is a life long pursuit and the harsh reality is that some designers and labels will never achieve it; not through lack of desire or talent either.

So when we say that Liza Emanuele is an icon of fashion, it is a statement that carries gravitas beyond the vacuous hype and seasonal trends of the industry. It’s been over 20 years in the industry for Liza, and each time her passion has been called into question, her dedication put to the test, her creativity and attention to detailed scrutinized, she has answered.

Across her range, she embodies all aspects of femininity. From her gowns designs; delicate, classic, glamourous and luxurious to her structured jackets and ready-to-wear which are confident, bold, powerful and trail-blazing; there is no moment in fashion that Liza has been unable to inject herself into. Liza Emanuele the label shares in the narrative of every woman; all facets of their lives, the black-white-and-grey of the day to day and how what you’re wearing can reflect each of these moments, adding gusto and panache to the prosaic and mundane.

Her career started formally when she studied fashion design at the famous Instituto Maragoni in Milan Italy, and then worked with Italian labels Fast, Killer Loop and Think Pink in the early 90s. In 1993, she returned to Australia and for seven years worked on the design teams for George Gross & Harry Who and Sportsgirl. It was 2001 when Liza successfully launched her first label, It Girl. With time her style evolved to a point where in 2005 she was ready to formally launch her signature fashion label, Liza Emanuele which celebrated 10 years at last year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival with a breath-taking runway, an opus to her label ethos. Over her career, she has dressed many top international names including Delta Goodrem, Sophie Monk, Isabel Lucas, Holly Brisley and Evangeline Lilly as well as Adelaide’s most famous duo, panda bears, Wang Wang and Funi.

Currently calling King William Road in Hyde Park home, her stunning couture and ready-to-wear bridal gown range available in store are as aspirational as they are accessible. There is no barrier, no elistism, no exclusivity; Liza herself remains down to earth and approachable, qualities seamlessly echoed by her showroom. Liza remains hands on in the day-to-day designs, selecting personally luxurious fabrics from across the globe to ensure the quality across her range. For Adelaide Fashion Festival 2016, she has will showcase two new collections on separate runways and in both instances, you had best believe that Australia’s fashion industry at large will be eager to see the direction that she will take.

Liza Emanuele
will feature as part of the ‘Contemporary Women’s Fashion’ runway on Thursday, 20 October and the SOLD OUT ‘Couture Culture’ runway on Friday 21 October. Tickets remain available for Thursday and can be purchased here. Liza Emanuele designs will also feature as part of the SOLD OUT Variety On King William Rd this Friday 21 October.

To discover more about Liza Emanuele visit her showroom at 147 King William Rd, Hyde Park online via her website or follow the label on Facebook and Instagram.

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