AFF16 Designer Profile - Greta Kate

AFF16 Designer Profile – Greta Kate

Amongst the incredible number of couture gown makers in South Australia, Norwood based Greta Kate stands for pure elegance.


Greta Kate’s ethereal gowns are showing at the Adelaide Fashion Festival. South Australia is already blessed with some incredible wedding designers; with sheer elegance the draw of this Norwood based couture designer. A bride in a Greta Kate cannot help but turn heads.

The making of a Greta Kate gown, intricate and intimate in it’s individual creation, is an experience in itself. Designer Greta Rumsby is closely involved with the brides she works, and while passion is often a word associated with designers it would be impossible to explain her motivation for the hours of effort put into timeless design using any other word.

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Coveted by those in the know, Rumsby was recently on the red carpet in Melbourne dressing Alana Smith, partner of Adelaide Crows CEO Andrew Fagan at this years Brownlows; the gown was an intricate ivory colour with detailed embellishments iconic to the Greta Kate brand. Her contemporary takes on traditional gowns, paired with her intricate beading and stitching are as mesmerising to watch in their construction as her gowns are effortless when worn.

Sunday stitching. Super excited about this one. Can’t wait to show you soon.

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Beaded lace and pearl buttons.

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Nothing can stop us…. Sewing by candlelight 🕯🕯🕯

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With a confirmed reputation locally, it will be fascinating to watch the sharp detail of Great Kate custom designs on the runway alongside the likes of Jaimie Sortino, Alexis George, Madam Zhou and Lisa Emmanuele to name a few as part of ‘Couture Culture’. Contrasted, we know that Rumsby’s contribution will be memorable as they dance along and it seems almost inevitable that Norwood simply won’t be able to contain this rising star.

Greta Kate will take part in the ‘Couture Culture’ Runway on Friday, 21 October as part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival. To see the full list of designers taking part, and to buy tickets, head to the Adelaide Fashion Festival website.

To discover more about Greta Kate, visit the label website, or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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