AFF16 Designer Profile - Paige Rowe

AFF16 Designer Profile – Paige Rowe

After beginning her career as a printmaker, Paige Rowe now creates practical designs of exclusive prints, luxurious fabrics and high quality finishes. Chic doesn’t event come close to describing her collection.


In a world where fast fashion is quickly taking over, it’s nice to know that there are designers like Paige Rowe still around. Exclusively releasing just two collections per year, summer and winter, it’s no wonder there is such hype and excitement around her show at this year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival.

Paige Rowe was a pattern maker by trade and has had decades of experience in costume design for the theatre. This has resulted in an extremely strong understanding of garment construction and it shows in her designs. The fit, the flow, the draping of the fabrics really compliments a woman’s figure. Paige Rowe designs with comfort and practicality in mind. She is not driven by trend nor ‘red carpet fashion’, her designs are targeted at the average working woman and mums hence styling is a huge part of Paige Rowe, the label. Clients have the chance to place personal orders and come in, by appointment, to have a complete wardrobe styling session with Paige herself. That is an experience on its own!

Every collection embodies timeless pieces. Paige Rowe applies luxurious fabrics with exclusive prints to deliver brilliant, high quality, classic designs. Current pieces are made to work with the old to create a whole new look.

This year’s Summer 16/17 collection has quite the urban jungle feel. Paige Rowe has incorporated the simple black and whites with khaki and blue tones to forge a strong and dominant line. The garments are loose fitting for comfort and yet quite elegant in looks. The bold prints are paired with soft, wavy collars for the feminine touch. Without a doubt, the upcoming Paige Rowe collection will be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe for years to come.

Paige Rowe will take part in the ‘Contemporary Women’s Fashion’ Runway on Thursday, 20 October as part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival. To see the full list of designers taking part, and to buy tickets, head to the Adelaide Fashion Festival website.

To discover more about Paige Rowe, visit her website or follow the label on Facebook and Instagram.

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