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Alliance Française French Film Festival Review: The Wrestling Queens

The Wrestling Queens

A young mother seeking to re-connect with her estranged son forms a women’s wrestling team when she discovers he’s obsessed with the sport.


The Wrestling QueensRose (Marilou Berry) is a young mother seeking to re-connect with her estranged son. Having him whilst a teenager, she attempts to find some sort of tangible connection. This she finds when discovering he is obsessed with wrestling. Roping in three fellow supermarket check-out girls, she forms a wrestling group called The Wrestling Queens.  Becoming legends in their own lifetime, Rose’s initial aims become contorted in ways she never imagined.

Think The Full Monty or Brassed Off with women and you have The Wrestling Queens. It’s a stock-standard formula – a down on their luck group try defying the personal and professional odds to a final triumph. This motif has been used in dozens of films with varying degrees of success. The Wrestling Queens passes muster due to the charm of its leads and witty script. It’s as predictable as expected but it is easy going along with the group of unique ladies.

The mix of personalities also makes The Wrestling Queens worth watching. Whilst some are standard archetypes, the performers successfully convey their character’s chemistry, bringing much energy especially in the wrestling scenes. Cleverly, the audience learns along with them the various wrestling rules with some interesting facts of the sport revealed. They more than equip themselves in the broad comedy/light dramatics which thankfully avoids crudity or false histrionics.

The Wrestling Queens should appeal to those who enjoyed similar movies. It isn’t original but is amiable fun with the ladies’ determined spirit something anyone should aspire to.

Reviewed by Patrick Moore

Rating out of 10:  7

The Alliance Française French Film Festival screens exclusively at the Palace Nova Eastend cinemas from 20 March – 8 April 2014.


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