Aged care residents knitting for SA’s homeless

Residents from the ACH Group residential care homes are running their community initiative for the second year, and are looking for eager knitters and donations.

Images: ACH Group.

Residential aged-care residents across South Australia are preparing for a unique community initiative to support people experiencing homelessness this winter. 

For the second year running, residents from SA ACH Group residential care homes will make mittens, gloves and scarves for people supported by Vinnies charity organisation (St Vincent de Paul Society) and are eager for any fellow knitting enthusiasts to join the cause. 

Any Adelaideans handy with a pair of knitting needles are being asked to knit the base pieces for mittens using a supplied pattern, and drop off to ACH Group Perry Park residential care home in Port Noarlunga, or the ACH Group’s office in Mile End. 

From there, the residents, including 102-year old Mary (pictured below) will sew the base pieces together, decorating the mittens ready to be gifted to Vinnies, with the charity identifying gloves and scarves as the items most in demand during these cold winter months. 

The aged care provider is delighted to bring these two groups together for their ‘Keeping hearts full and hands warm’ campaign, with ACH Group CEO Frank Weits noting that the initiative is driven by the residents wanting to give back to the community, and support those experiencing homelessness.

“2020 was the first year of the campaign, with over 100 knitted pieces donated to Vinnies by Perry Park residents and the local community” he says. 

“On the back of this success, residents from all eight ACH Groups residential care homes are getting involved this year and are looking forward to teaming up with fellow sewing and knitting enthusiasts.

“It’s a lovely way for residents to work in partnership with the broader community, build meaningful connections and help South Australians experiencing homelessness”. 

Teresa Branch from Vinnies was delighted the initiative was continuing for a second year. 

“Vinnies was delighted to receive the knitted items last year, and they were gratefully received by the men and women staying in our crisis centres and accessing the Fred’s Van meal service” she says. 

“To know that someone had gone out of their way to knit something made them all the more meaningful, during a time when people were in a very vulnerable state. 

“We can’t wait to see this initiative come to life again.”

If you’re ken to take up the knitting challenge yourself and help some of SA’s most vulnerable, download the knitting pattern from the ACH Group here. 

The completed knitted pieces can be dropped off or posted before August 31 to:

25 River Road, Port Noarlunga. 

22 Henley Beach Road, Mile End. 

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