Ahoy! The Holdy's Garden Peroni Bar Has Arrived

Ahoy! The Holdy’s Garden Peroni Bar Has Arrived

The Holdy launches its Garden Peroni Bar with a bang! Perfectly complementing their revamp with large, open spaces as well as a modish Nautical-theme, here is what we think.


Ah, how The Holdy has changed over the years. From the vibrant music venue we loved years ago, to the slick beachside bar that we’re loving now, it is fascinating to admire the progress of this beachside venue.

The Holdy has perfectly complemented its revamp with large, open and bright spaces combined with modish Nautical-themed decor which works fantastically, as it’s neither overdone nor out of place.The blend of ocean-inspired colours and rustic decor makes you feel like you’ve literally stepped in from the beach to enjoy an icy cold beverage.

Photographer: Ben Neale

Food-wise, it’s exciting to see Italian style dishes including tapas plates, pizza, and some of the most amazing meatballs this side of Sicily! It was just the right combination of summer cuisine washed down with their refreshing bar fare. This is where the Garden Peroni Bar weaves its magic. They’ve got Peroni on tap, and have added a mid-strength offering in Peroni Leggera, a new mid-strength beer imported straight from Italy (which is lower in carbs and calories), perfect for a long lunch or when you fancy a few ales and want to still be able to drive home under the limit.

Photographer: Ben Neale

The cocktail list was a nice shakeup of old, new, and revisited drinks with some pleasant surprises. The Lighthouse Lemon Cheesecake with Limoncello as the featured spirit was a personal favourite, followed closely by the Seaworthy Strawberry & Lemon Mojito. The Mermaid Sour Kiss with Disaronno Liqueur was the real crowd pleaser with its ‘cherry starburst’ flavours making it smooth sailing.

Photographer: Ben Neale

Photographer: Ben Neale

The verdict is in, and it’s favourable. The Holdy has created a venue that has a nice laid back vibe. It’s a place where families, old salts, and anyone really, can drop in for a quick drink and hearty meal (or comfortably stay until you’re three sheets to the wind).

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