Airport mask mandates set to change

Mask mandates in airports around the country are likely to be scrapped as early as this week with the AHPPC stating they are no longer necessary.

As the world starts to return to its pre-Covid self, one of the last remaining mandates in Australia is set to be scrapped.

The requirement to wear masks inside airports is expected to be lifted across the country as early as this Friday, with health officials saying it is no longer necessary.

Masks have been dropped from most public places both in SA and the rest of the country which is what prompted the airport mandate to be revised.

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) has left the decision up to individual states saying from Friday they are free to drop the requirement with the Federal Government expecting most states to implement the change in the immediate days following.

However, the use of masks while travelling can’t be forgotten about completely with the AHPPC still requiring masks to be worn while on the plane itself. This rule is likely to be reviewed in the coming weeks but will remain in place for the interim.

Currently, in South Australia, masks are still required on all public transport services, including ride shares and inside airports and aeroplanes.

Many people are welcoming the change, particularly airport workers and managers who have still been required to mask up throughout their shifts despite the mandate being lifted for all other retail and hospitality workers.

Other countries around the world have already scrapped the mandate with Europe ditching masks back in May in the hope to boost air travel and tourism.

As of today, there are currently 15,987 active Covid-19 cases with 2429 new cases in the past 24 hours and 226 in hospital.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, please seek testing as soon as possible.

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